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Most are free.One was $5
I thought that there was no sport on television that is more boring than golf. (Well, maybe bass fishing, if that's even a sport.) However, after watching 90 minutes of the Tour de France on TV at the gym today (that's what was playing on the big screen in front of my stair stepper) I've decided that televised bicycling is by far the most boring sport I've ever encountered. 90 minutes watching guys pedaling slowly uphill, while the commentators struggle to find something...
Edge of Tomorrow was a really terrific movie. If you haven't seen it yet, you should.
I took a genetic test from 23 and Me https://www.23andme.com/ Cost $100, and took a few weeks. The results were interesting, especially considering that I was adopted, and know very little about my biological heritage. The results consist of ancestral information regarding your ethnicity and racial background with information on where your relatives are from on the maternal and paternal lines. Biggest surprise was that my mother was an Ashkenazi Jew. My father...
Just won this pair of Aldens on an ebay auction. A guy in Australia was selling them, and they happened to be my size. This will be my first pair of Ravello shells.
One woman's struggle with lusting after men in suits. This is pretty entertaining: http://thesaltcollective.org/modesty-whensuitsbecomestumblingblock/
Looks good. Would like to see some other photos from different perspectives. Love the cloth. (nice shoes, too.)
Not sure of the rules. Do you have to post the day you do them? Can you post weekly totals?
As I get older, I've found that it takes longer for my muscles to recover from hard activity. I've seen a lot of hype over compression clothing on the web, bud don't know anyone who actually uses the stuff. Before I drop $150 on compression clothing, I'd love to hear from anyone who actually uses/has used it. Does it actually help stave off fatigue and help with recovery? Can you wear it for long periods of time? (Like hiking/climbing for 3-4 days)
1964 Seiko World Time. Just back from a movement service and sporting a new sharkskin band. 50 years old. +/- 8 seconds per day.
New Posts  All Forums: