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RF Clark Saddlery Briefcase. Used, with some scuffs and scratches, but overall good condition. (see photos) Beautiful bridle leather briefcase, made by RF Clark Saddlery. Dimensions: 18"x12" Price includes free shipping to the continental U.S. SOLD
Thanks for the kind words.Watch is a Jaeger Reverso, Art Deco model in white gold.
My photos weren't taken this week. I will need to post another photo if I'm going to be an official entrant.
Can the white jacket be part of a white suit?
Men in Black
I want this gun soooooo badly.
Lots of gun porn in this guy's tactical portfolio:!/index/G0000bt2XKHlVlT0/I0000QJn4E5BczOg
No. No iron sights. Just the scope.Going to try to get out later this week and try the 300 win mag barrel.
Today was my first time at the range with my new Desert Tech SRS A1 Covert. This gun is easily the most accurate rifle I've ever fired. Just shot the 16 inch 308 barrel today. Looking forward to the 26 inch 300 Win Mag conversion next time. Nightforce NXS 5.5-22 x56 scope Barrett BORS optical ranging system FTW Carbine Sling GG&G Bipod 100 Yards standing Best 4 round group at 200 yards firing off of the bipod.
This thread got me thinking about a good semi-auto shotgun.Found this one and ordered it tonight.Will be interesting to see how well it works.
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