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Not sure of the rules. Do you have to post the day you do them? Can you post weekly totals?
As I get older, I've found that it takes longer for my muscles to recover from hard activity. I've seen a lot of hype over compression clothing on the web, bud don't know anyone who actually uses the stuff. Before I drop $150 on compression clothing, I'd love to hear from anyone who actually uses/has used it. Does it actually help stave off fatigue and help with recovery? Can you wear it for long periods of time? (Like hiking/climbing for 3-4 days)
1964 Seiko World Time. Just back from a movement service and sporting a new sharkskin band. 50 years old. +/- 8 seconds per day.
I have one of these. Terrific watch. Beautifully crafted with an in-house movement. This gets my vote as best under $1000.
Bad news: Berk Cashmere is Closing Good news: They're having a pretty legitimate going out of business sale: Lots of stuff 1/2 price. I have a couple of their pieces, and quality is 2nd to none. http://berkcashmere.co.uk/
Really really like these boots. Whiskey shell is just amazing leather, and I love the clean style of the boot.
My boots showed up today.Very pleased. Will post pics later.Sizing is the same as my other C&J shoes/boots.
50 years old, white, driving a Fiat Abarth.
I was going around 85 in a 70mph zone.I didn't do anything to get out of the ticket. Just pulled over, talked politely with him. He asked about where I was going.He told me to slow down, and gave me his business card.I don't ever really try to get out of a ticket. Somehow, the cops just seem to like me.
Got pulled over last week for speeding. No ticket.It's kind of strange, but I don't seem to get tickets. I've been pulled over 12 times in my life. Only received 1 ticket, and on that one, the cop wrote me up for 5 over instead of 20+ over.Once, I was pulled over for going 140+mph. No ticket.I think I just have good cop karma.
New Posts  All Forums: