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Kingsman was fun. Really enjoyed it. Just the right mix of action and humor, and the suits and accessories rocked. Gotta love a movie where the code phrase is "Oxfords, not brogues."
I'm 5'9" 215 pounds with a 44 inch chest, 36 inch waist, 30 inch inseam. Definitely on the wide side.
Public service announcement: Just had to share. After many years of cooking and using many different non-stick pans from expensive to cheap, my favorite by far are the Vollrath Wearever Eversmooth Ceramiguard pans. The item numbers for these pans are ez40xx with xx being the diameter. (So, a 10 inch pan would be EZ4010) Durable, excellent non-stick coating, terrific even heat distribution. Not super expensive. Rivets are covered so they are easy to clean. Best...
http://parahumans.wordpress.com/table-of-contents/ Anyone else here familiar with Worm? One of the better books I've read in a long while. It's genre fiction (sci-fi super hero related.) Very engaging. Highly recommended. (and it's free.) Click on the link above, but be prepared to be sucked in.
Buy a fountain pen with an italic nib. This gives you good feedback when you are shaping letters. Check out this site: http://www.handwritingsuccess.com/ I moved to italic, and it improved my handwriting quite a bit.
Today I pulled out a rotted post, cemented in a new post. (for the mailbox.) Grilled food with fire. And over the last several days, I climbed a bunch of stuff, including this:
Ravello Shell boots.
I'm pretty paranoid, but I got over it when I concluded that nobody is really interested in my DNA other than me, other than as a single data point in a big aggregated data pool.
I've never heard of Nettleton shoes before. Just saw them in the latest Ben Silver catalog: http://www.bensilver.com/Nettleton-Shoes.html Look like quality shoes, and they even have a Whiskey Cordovan option. Made in Belgium, which I find odd. (Haven't ever seen a Belgian shoe before.)
New Posts  All Forums: