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It must be a mistake. The axe murderer can't be Afghani. The refugees from Afghanistan are all fleeing the Taliban and Islamic extremism and trying to find safety in the West. There is no reason for him to have done this.
I've never understood Jew hatred.More Jews in your neighborhood generally means that real estate values are increasing, crime is going down, schools are getting better. I've lived in lots of places with large Jewish populations. Can't figure out why anyone would dislike them.
Right wing nutjob for sure. Everyone knows that right wing nutjobs are just as dangerous as Muslims, so they are doing this to keep up in light of the recent Nice attacks.
Interesting (but not surprising) results from a Pew Research poll. (taken pre-Nice) Europeans Fear Wave of Refugees Will Mean More Terrorism, Fewer Jobs In eight of the 10 European nations surveyed, half or more believe incoming refugees increase the likelihood of terrorism in their country. Along with worries about refugees and minorities, the survey finds mixed views regarding the overall value of cultural diversity. When asked whether having an increasing number of...
Here's some more inhumanity: A five-year-old girl was raped and urinated upon by three Muslim migrant boys in Twin Falls, Idaho; one of them, a 14-year-old, videotaped the attack. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/07/16/exclusive-hospital-refuses-to-release-medical-records-of-five-year-old-idaho-victim-raped-by-muslim-migrants/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social
If you'd thought about it a bit more, the obvious answer was the Troubles in Northern Ireland. That is a good example of significant sectarian strife that didn't involve Muslims.The Sihk temple shooting is not a good example. The idiot who shot the Sihks was so ignorant that he thought they were Muslims.Clearly, Muslims are not the only people out there doing bad things. However, during the past several decades, sectarian violence in the name of religion has...
Yes. Invasion and immigration are one and the same in this context.
The Klan and Hitler?Seriously?When was the last time that the Klan killed anyone? Are they a big force in American culture today?Hitler was taken down in 1945.Perhaps some examples from the last 50 years might be a bit more relevant.
Lest anyone accuse me of not being a multi-culturalist, I should make it clear that I have no problem with Muslims doing their thing in Muslim countries. Just because I'm not in favor of throwing gay people off of buildings, stoning women for adultery, and beheading people for insulting the Prophet here in the United States and other Western countries, doesn't mean that I believe that we should try and eradicate Islamic practices from traditionally Islamic countries such...
Yep. Pretty much every part of the world where Muslims live in close proximity to people of other religions, there is conflict.Somehow, Buddhists and Christians, Hindus and Shintos, Jews and Catholics, and pretty much every other combination of religions manage to live together without killing each other. Add Muslims to the mix, and violence ensues.
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