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These are some seriously cool boots. (Ludwig Reiter Husaren Boots) If only I were traveling across Africa in my Land Cruiser or undertaking some other similar activity, I would so buy these. Alas, I really have nowhere to wear them, and they would look ridiculous just worn around town.
Interesting video:
Not terrorism. Nothing to see here. Move along.
All part of the "Economic Miracle." (At least they have reduced income inequality.) Hugo Chavez’s economic miracle The Venezuelan leader was often marginalized as a radical. But his brand of socialism achieved real economic gains http://www.salon.com/2013/03/06/hugo_chavezs_economic_miracle/
Can't remember what last. They are whiskey and mahogany shell. Got them from Adam at Alden of Carmel back in the 1990s. My first pair of Aldens.
20 years old, and still probably my favorite shoes. Alden of Carmel AF-1
Copenhagen bars tired of ‘Sharia patrols’ rampage & threats raise issue with integration minister A group of bar owners from one of Copenhagen’s suburbs, who have been endlessly harassed by Muslim youth activists trying to impose a so-called “Shariah zone”, have taken their case to a government minister, urging her to protect their businesses and the locals. Pub owners in the Nørrebro suburb of Copenhagen have for months tried to get the Copenhagen Police to take action...
George Zimmerman to auction off gun used in Trayvon Martin death http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2016/05/12/george-zimmerman-gun-killed-trayvon-martin-auction/84268372/
Don't forget black males ages 17-24, when the press can find pictures of them ages 9-11.
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