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Jon Snow did not abandon his oath.The oath specifically says that his watch ends at his death.He died.His watch is ended. He fulfilled his oath.
Rhaegar Targaryen was Jon's father.
The Trump phenomenon shares many similarities with the Brexit referendum, and the recent elections in Austria, Poland, and Hungary. Personally, I think that this current election in the U.S. has more in common with these European elections than it does with any U.S. election in the last 3 decades. That is what conservative pundits can't seem to figure out. They are still trying to view Trump through the lens of Bush vs. Gore, and the entire election is not making...
People still can't figure out why Trump won. He wasn't even a "real conservative."He won because he was the only candidate that ran on a nationalist platform. He recognized that voters cared a lot more about immigration than they cared about conservative purity.
300 Win Mag or 308, depending on which barrel I have on it. (The chassis will take pretty much any barrel up to 338 LM)These shots were with the 300 WM. (pushing 230gr Bergers at 2880 fps)
#10 Downing Street.It's the official residence of the English Prime Minister.
Nightforce scope with a Barrett BORS on top.
Really enjoying this gun: (Desert Tech SRS A1 Covert) Been working up some hand loads for it and have been pretty happy with the accuracy. (100 Yards) I am the Jackson Pollock of shooters. I call this composition Gusty Winds at 816 yards. (copper, lead, and acrylic on steel)
Interesting insights. I'm curious about what subject matter you teach.My law school experience mirrored the predictions in Fleming's letter pretty closely. My second year, Columbia did an assessment of academic performance and ethnicity. It was supposed to be confidential, but the results got leaked. The study showed that black and Hispanic students were consistently at the bottom of their 1st year classes. One of the more striking findings was that during the years...
If his name was Gerhard Muller, the police would have released his name by now.I will bet you a doughnut that his first name is Mohammed.
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