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Wolverine shell cordovans Sea Island socks PBJ jeans
Can anyone recommend an NCAA streaming site that doesn't want my credit card number?
Ruger appears to have really nailed it with their new Ruger Precision Rifle. Street price of $1000, and folks shooting 1/2 MOA groups.
RF Clark Saddlery Briefcase. Used, with some scuffs and scratches, but overall good condition. (see photos) Beautiful bridle leather briefcase, made by RF Clark Saddlery. Dimensions: 18"x12" Price includes free shipping to the continental U.S.
Thanks for the kind words.Watch is a Jaeger Reverso, Art Deco model in white gold.
My photos weren't taken this week. I will need to post another photo if I'm going to be an official entrant.
Can the white jacket be part of a white suit?
Men in Black
I want this gun soooooo badly.
Lots of gun porn in this guy's tactical portfolio: http://www.bettcherphoto.com/#!/index/G0000bt2XKHlVlT0/I0000QJn4E5BczOg
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