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I have found what may be the perfect combination for long range shooting: Desert Tech rife with 300 Win Mag barrel. IOR Crusader scope The scope goes all the way to 40x magnification, which almost feels like cheating. Glass is as good or better than any scope I've ever used or looked through. 40mm tube is super bright. What's crazy is that the scope also focuses super close, so I can practice dry fire in my living room, aiming at "targets" in the dining room. Really...
It is extremely comfortable. I wear it on my waist, just behind the centerline, in the small of my back.The holster is made by these guys: Highly recommended. I own 8 of their holsters in various types.
And, my new favorite concealed carry gun. Sig P938 (Scorpion Model) with factory threaded barrel. Very small and light, but still usable.
A couple of new additions. Walther PPQ 9mm. Really like the ergonomics of this gun. Super easy to point and shoot. Suppressor friendly. It's the "navy edition" which means you can supposedly shoot it under water. (Not sure how the physics of this works with a semi-auto, and even less sure why I would ever need to do this, but I guess it's a good thing.) The R8 revolver is my current favorite big pistol. The only revolver I currently own. Very accurate and lots of...
Just picked up a pair of the new Leica Geovid HD-B 2200 range finding binoculars (10x42) They have a built in rangefinder, and also a ballistics calculator which accounts for pressure, temperature and shot angle. Lots of electronics crammed into this gizmo. The ballistics solutions seem to track reasonably well with my other ballistics apps, and I can input custom drop data for my hand loads. Haven't played with it too much, but its rangefinding capabilities seem...
Berk Cashmere.
Just bought this for my son, who is a high school junior. Hope he likes it.
That is the total weight of the gun, the scope, and bipod. The rifle alone is 6 pounds, 9 ounces.It's very lightweight compared with other long range capable elk gun setups. It's certainly much much lighter than my previous elk gun (A Desert Tech SRS-A1 covert.)
Depends on what you want it for.I've got a 6.5 Creedmoor too. It's another lightweight rifle (Kimber Mountain Ascent.)The 6.5 Creedmoor is good for deer hunting, and there are some who use it for elk.However, for me personally, I like the extra energy of the 300 Win Mag when elk hunting.
My new elk hunting rifle: 300 Win Mag, Kahles 624i scope. total weight is 8 pounds, 19 ounces. Built by R Bros Rifles, in Washington state.
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