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Obligatory phone pic. The wait was worth it. 
(Nevermind disregard)
Got tracking for a DR 2013, ordered 7/5/2013.
Usually just lurk, but thought it would be worth posting that I also got a address/order confirmation:   Ordered: Black Lamb DR 2013 When: July 4th, 2013 Address confirmation: October 28th, 2014
My Hotline Miami costume, w/ my TOJ1:   For reference this is Hotline Miami:  
Leather -- what kind of boots/shoes are those?
Saw someone yesterday in downtown Palo Alto (on University Ave.) with a sand tan (I think), 2010 DR.   I was eating in front of umami burger, would've said hello, but didn't want to explain to my friends why I would be yelling at a random guy about their jawnz. 
Finally a decent pic of me in my brown lamb A-2:       Again many thanks to TOJ.
Need a black leather after having gotten a much wanted brown lamb A-2 (sorry I don't post much pics, all I have is an iphone camera lol) and I shall be content for a while...I think.
First time posting in this thread (lurk here and there) but anyway, thought this might be relevant. Hypebeast has a limited selection on sale: . Just copped a pair of the skinny guy broken twill selvedge.   My bad if this was posted already.
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