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Would someone mind posting images comparing the dark oak and antique bronze? I m considering ordering a pair of galways but am having trouble deciding between dark oak with black Utah shaft or antique bronze with black Utah shaft. Suggestions and advice are welcome.
110 last, chukka on Dainite.     and this saddle shoe, also on the 110:  
 Contingent upon enough people voting for it, would it be possible to do this in the next GMTO @LA Guy @guyferguson ??
Yes, it is evident in the pictures. Thanks for taking the time.
I bet they do. However, Truman is in the same price range as nick's and whites who have both been around for much much longer, are heavily reviewed and put out a similar, if not better,product.
There is a last comparison in this album: http://m.imgur.com/a/6vJzv
Viberg boots do everything that Truman boot does. But I believe people are willing to pay a premium for the design and pedigree.
 I did not know that. Care to explain in what way? And what about Nick's?
Does anyone here own any of these?        
I am open to trades as well, so feel free to make an offer.   Tops: US Small Bottoms: 33 in waist Shoes: 8.5E US
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