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110 last, chukka on Dainite.     and this saddle shoe, also on the 110:  
 Contingent upon enough people voting for it, would it be possible to do this in the next GMTO @LA Guy @guyferguson ??
Yes, it is evident in the pictures. Thanks for taking the time.
I bet they do. However, Truman is in the same price range as nick's and whites who have both been around for much much longer, are heavily reviewed and put out a similar, if not better,product.
There is a last comparison in this album: http://m.imgur.com/a/6vJzv
Viberg boots do everything that Truman boot does. But I believe people are willing to pay a premium for the design and pedigree.
 I did not know that. Care to explain in what way? And what about Nick's?
Does anyone here own any of these?        
I am open to trades as well, so feel free to make an offer.   Tops: US Small Bottoms: 33 in waist Shoes: 8.5E US
 It is a time consuming and expensive process utilized only by the most respected shoemakers in the world. Come on, really Viberg !?
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