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Have not tried that one @NOBD even though available up here. Wooow! This is one helluva of stout. Prairie Artisan barrel aged bible belt. 5 out of 5 full moons.
Enjoying the nice weather outdoors with a so-so IPA.
Omnipollo/The Veil Amun (brewed by Dugges)
Okay. New week, new beer incoming. Thrilled about the pair of Prairie Artisan/Evil Twin barrel aged bible belt I got.
@archibaldleach I found that it was not that heavy at all. But 0.66 litres and 17.2% I would share it with someone.
Going for the big guns tonight. Triple IPA with abv 17,2.
Cool, might get one of those then. Tonights stout.
Have heard of but not tried. Any good? Sippin on this beauty tonight. Yummy! To Øl Liquid confidential rhum BA.
Had this last night. Fresh IPA from Mikkeller San Diego.
Okay, I have one. Looking forward to taste it. @NOBD 🍻
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