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Picked up a shirt from Charles Nakhle earlier today and I am very satisfied with the result. If there are any Sydneysiders searching for some good shirts, look no further. Off to Melbourne tomorrow for a long weekend. Anything special one shouldnt miss going there?
I'm staying in Sydney for a while and I'm eager to get a shirt made by Charles Nakhle. Is there a minimum number of shirts you have to comission being a first time customer?  
According to his blog: http://www.barbourbymail.co.uk/Mens-Barbour-Black-Streak-Waxed-Jacket.html
I'd say it's either their e-shop or a trip to the shop in Italy.
  Thanks!   phorm: Where did you find them with commando sole?    
Placed my order on the 17th and received it today.
Those are nice. Which model is it?
Additional 15% off all sale items at TBS with code MORESALE   Valid until 15th January.
They closed 1½ hour ago unfortunately. It's holiday in Scandinavia today.
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