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Thanks all for the votes! Its an honor!
Thanks man.. been married going on 6 years now..our families are forcing us to come back to the motherland to do the actual ceremony being when we were initially married a couple of years ago we went down to the justice of the peace and had a very small intimate ceremony with close friends and some family after. I am excited to see how the suit comes out though..
purchased this a couple weeks ago for my wedding.. will be picking it up from the tailor tomorrow.. will see how it plays out..http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/washington-light-grey-plain/P3829I.html?start=3&cgid=Suits&prefn1=styleFit&prefv1=Contemporary-Washington
My addition..Blue on blue on blue...  
For real!
Wish I could thrift or go the used route on ebay. Alas with my dimensions it just not in the cards..beautiful suit again Don!
Thanks JC! You are right though.. the tie is a shorter length..I pretty much wear my jackets buttoned up most of the time so its not noticeable. I did get some stares here in Fresno at the office for wearing it like that.. so I guess this is my last time wearing this tie.. As for the yellow/gold combination, if I had done a close up, you would have noticed the yellow in the tie in patterns that works with the Tie..Thanks for the props though!
Great Look guys! The last 5 or so pages have some heavy hitters! My humble addition from the last couple weeks or so..Apologize for the post of a lot of outfits.. just never got around to posting on here..  [[SPOILER]]
You might be right..the outfit was for a more casual setting where dark shoes may have been a little too-businessy...thus the light color.. Next time, I'll try something different. Thanks Sander!
 Thanks guys! Hey between Noodles new stuff and that navy suit you posted JC, I consider myself in esteemed company!
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