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most of my RTW suits have 5-6 buttons..the problem with having 39" arms...you do what you have too...
put my bid in...not much though.. so many good looks on here... this is going to be pretty competitive..  
Last week..why, whats up?
duly noted..your opinion.. I like it so I rock it..to each his own..
off the rack...its a Kiton and through the help of a very skilled tailor in my area was made to fit right...I feel te more handwork a suit has the easier it is for a really good tailor to get it to fit almost custom made...same thing with my Brioni that I have as well.. Thanks for the words carpu!
My stuff is cut slim (people from the waywt thread can attest to that)...but its not tight to me..I have an 10-11 inch drop with a 6"9 frame so clothing on me has to be tailored a certain way..
My humble addition from earlier in the year...  
so you are saying the texture of the tie resembles my hair? And for you thats throwing the whole look off? Ok...and by the way I never mentioned race in anything I said...And neither did FM from his posts..
I think you are joking right? If so then sorta funny, I guess...
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