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A couple of casual looks for me going from the most dressed up casual (IMO) to the least dressed up casual.. spanning a couple of weeks here in the valley..  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
Yes I am and pretty much yes I do.. Most of the collections work in a L except the Sienna that I think is cut a little shorter.. I could be wrong though... Thanks for the words @BlairW!
Thanks! Magnanni..
I might as well enter this.. worn a couple of weekends ago.. The electric blue linen unstructured/unlined SC and semi light blue shirt..helps being that weekend it was almost a 110 out here in the valley..  [[SPOILER]]
I totally agree.. the shoes I have on are a dark oxblood brown with a hint of cordovan...anything lighter than chocolate and it looks off in my opinion (with a dark brown suit anyways).. the lighter the brown is, the lighter you might be able to go on the shoes..
Thanks Nathan... they are an oxblood dark brown color not black..black could work in my mind.. but this combo is easier to pull off in my opinion.. hope this helps!
Sorry, just saw this..not really.. I would say the coppenhagen and Washington are from what I tried on...the Hudson for my body type is just a notch below those two in slimness..Napoli by far has the most space.. it will still look awesome if it is tailored right (if tailorable at all)..Thanks for the words my man!
Thanks 1st Step! I think you mean 3R2 which it is.. I have not been a 32R since like the 8th grade! Hehe
What are the rise on those pants Murls? Nice look!
 Haha! There are def a lot of "day spa's" to choose from in Fresno.. may yield a different result though! lol..Thanks Pliny!
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