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you are right Gruff.. but I do not think there is anything wrong in keeping it real if you do not see someone's point of view. Is there?
Maybe...but I think this works fine for what I have it for..Its a classic, simple look in my mind which in my opinion anyways simple is better. Its a night out in my town.. weather is cool.... this is a thinner goat skin bomber that I can wear in this weather that I consider classic. Also I am not really a suede jacket kind of guy. Not saying others cant rock it but rarely do I ever see someone in a suede piece and go "thats dope!"..I guess to each his own..
Great looks on here guys... my humble addition from the CM side...  
Worn over the weekend for a friends bachelor party...  
Some great looks over the last 24 hours on here guys.. will try to keep the train moving... worn this weekend for a friends evening wedding... void of color.. but was trying to keep it simple for the evening...  [[SPOILER]] This is casual but worn the night before for the grooms bachelor party as well..  [[SPOILER]]
Thank you my dude!
From this weekend for a wedding...snapped a couple of shots before going out...  [[SPOILER]]
not really... Im just not a fan.. they remind me of my school days in West Africa..(which were uniformed shorts/pants and boat shoes/moccasins)..I really try to forget those days.. so for me its just not something that I would buy.. but apparently that is more sentiment than form/style..
it might be...but Im typically not a sneakers guy, esp's guy or other kind...crazy enough when I put it on, I really liked it and still do when I look back.. but I did so understanding many on SF probably would not like it..then I shrugged my shoulders and said, "hey I like it.. its comfy and its different"..thats just me though..Ill push the envelope more on my casual stuff then I will my business stuff..
you may be right Kent... however I did size up on the jogggers.. Im usually a 34 and sized up to a 36... the reason they are rolled up that way is that the joggers are not long enough for me.. My inseam is usually a 38.. most chinos/jeans/joggers go to a 34 that I have come across.. thus why I sized up to get them as long as possible..still ended at my shin though.. so I rolled them up not too seem as obvious.. I typically would wear sneakers with this get up (so where I...
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