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Man, you guys are killing it...I'll add this one here..taken yesterday with a friend's recent purchase..One of my favorite movies as a teenager.. and I really rooted for the bad guy because the bad guy seemed more principled to me..  
Three piecing it yesterday for work..Actually this was taken after before the sun went down losing some of that good natural light..  [[SPOILER]]
D'avenza..hope this helps and thanks for the words!
Is it that bad not to have cuff's.. I know its a matter of personal preference but I wonder if the SF community generally (the majority) frown on no cuff's with pants..with my inseam (need about 42 inches total inseam wise to get a 2inch cuff) its hard to cuff every pant I purchase..
Temps have gone up a little bit into the 80's... so its nice and cool before we get the blast of heat that spans around 8 months usually..Had an old colleague's birthday party to attend at a restaurant so wanted to be dressed up casually so to speak... Worn last week sometime.. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks @pravda!
A mixture of blue and brown in town..WIWY   [[SPOILER]]
Another one..This one with slightly larger lapels..Worn for a wedding last year some time..   D'AVENZA.  
Worn yesterday where it was pretty cold out.. [[SPOILER]]
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