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You might be right..the outfit was for a more casual setting where dark shoes may have been a little too-businessy...thus the light color.. Next time, I'll try something different. Thanks Sander!
 Thanks guys! Hey between Noodles new stuff and that navy suit you posted JC, I consider myself in esteemed company!
Worn Yesterday and last week...   A little bit of Biz Casual from last friday
I've always liked clothing. From my hop hop days (Karl Kani, Tommy and Timbs) to now (Kiton, Brioni, e.t.c). Iam 6"9 so it makes shopping a thrill ride, finding the good ish thats out there..This is a gallery of what I have worn the last 2 months.http://www.styleforum.net/g/a/625813/chocsosas-what-i-am-wearing-today/.
Thanks Cox! No worries.. I dont think the lighting did me any justice though..but all the fits so far have been pretty stellar so its all good!
Could not get good light to have the pictures really come out..the sun is already coming out in full force early in the valley...Happy Easter everyone! (If you celebrate)  
Come down here to the central Valley.. there is no where hotter than Fresno in the summer time. I miss my old home, Bmore.. :(
Kroon Tech makes some really nice unstructured, unlined cotton jackets where you can get them on deep discount at like $100 or a little bit more at Nordstrom Rack... thats the jacket that I am wearing..100% cotton, unlined and unstructured...have had it for 5 years now.. and I have beat it up pretty bad in terms how much I wear it... and its still going strong.. hope this helps..
Temps are back in the 80's out here in Cali..so I am able to break out the chinos and cotton unlined, unstructured blazer look again...I do need a shave and haircut though..      
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