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Come down here to the central Valley.. there is no where hotter than Fresno in the summer time. I miss my old home, Bmore.. :(
Kroon Tech makes some really nice unstructured, unlined cotton jackets where you can get them on deep discount at like $100 or a little bit more at Nordstrom Rack... thats the jacket that I am wearing..100% cotton, unlined and unstructured...have had it for 5 years now.. and I have beat it up pretty bad in terms how much I wear it... and its still going strong.. hope this helps..
Temps are back in the 80's out here in Cali..so I am able to break out the chinos and cotton unlined, unstructured blazer look again...I do need a shave and haircut though..      
Its a Trussini...unstructured and unlined.. hope this helps and thanks for the words!I like mine with a very little break and I use braces with all my pants.. they hold them up no matter what you are doing..I hope this helps..
Yea agreed...inherently a more casual shoe..next time! Thanks for the words Fox!
Thanks for the thumbs guys! Some good looks here on the last page. This is another batch from the past couple months..  
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...dude hilarious..............
Posted in WIWT thread so thought I would post the casual stuff here being thats it been a while..  
Shen, that is an excellent cut that fits you well! As well Justin! Beautiful fit in the shoulders!  From the past couple weeks where there was colder weather.. mostly American made clothing with what I am wearing between the three fit pics..   [[SPOILER]]
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