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All wedding photos with a varying degree of formal/casual feels to them..Worn for a wedding on Saturday..Moral of the story is you can never go wrong with some blue in your ensemble for a wedding..   [[SPOILER]] Worn for a wedding a couple weeks ago..Wore the pants to the jacket above with something else.. Worn last year sometime..Full Blue Suit..
Thanks Pravda!
Taken yesterday for Mothers day..after church but before heading to Brunch..Dressed pretty much in all linen.. the shirt is a linen/cotton.. S.C is a 100% unlined linen.. pants are linen.. P.S is linen..it helped because Yesterday ended being pretty hot.. in the 90's..   [[SPOILER]]
I'm considering doing this..Im not the only person that does not smile in pictures on here.. and Im not the only stern look picture taker.. I have addressed the issue many times.. but again over and over it kind of comes up..not directed at AJL because he was making a reference to the picture I took where I actually smiled.. but its not a big deal that affects the fit or aesthetic of my clothing.. so why it gets brought up over and over again is beyond me.. Its not a lapel...
My tailor has changed over the past year so its been a pain..all the good tailors out here are Korean or Vietnamese and dont speak English that well.. so I am working to build that working relationship where my new tailor knows what I want. It took me 5 years with my last tailor.. as for the personal trainer, its all basketball.. still play pretty competitively so that gets my cardio in and also really watching what I eat.. thanks for the kind words Pravda!Man, its so hard...
It actually dropped to around 50 or so last week.. which is weird for me because right around then its already in the 90's.. not complaining.. was able to rock flannel probably for the last time or so until the end of the year.. Suit is flannel, tie is lambs wool and the P.S is wool/silk..mos def a F/W fit in the spring time..   [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the kind words Chaconne! I have had the gingham shirt for a while but really had no suits to pair it with really because its a casual design (especially with the large checks).. but this suit it works imo.. just due to the fact that this suit is a casual suit.. the design is casual (three patch pockets)... the fabric (100% cotton) and the fact thats its mostly unlined and unstructured.. so I think the suit and the shirt match perfectly..as for the whole socks...
One suit broken into 3 different looks..the suit is a half lined cotton piece from Suit Supply.. over the last couple of weeks.. a mix of cotton/linen/wool..I felt it was jnherently more casual with the textures and the wrinklesl, so I posted it here.. might post in WAWRYN as well..  FIT 1 Full suit (100% cotton) worn for a casual wedding recently.. A rhapsody of blue..SUIT: cotton.. SHIRT: cotton.. TIE: linen..P.S: cotton..  [[SPOILER]]  FIT 2 Worn for a business trip out...
My man Kulata is one.. he is Nigerian as well..
Im Edo... but lived in Lagos more than anything else...Tira is Naija (yoruba)..good to see some West African peeps on here..6"9 but hey, whats two inches, lol
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