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A couple different looks..All of them worn to various ceremonies..  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
I really like this Look Fox!
A couple of different looks from last year never posted..A couple DB's and a Pinstripe..    [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
Thanks @papa kot ! I work in Financial Services..so a lot of formal and informal client meetings with clients from all walks of life..
Just a regular collar @Chaconne... Hugo Boss's collars usually come with pretty decent rolls (atleast the spread collars do)..Thanks for the words my man!
Flannels and Wool on this casual Friday for me..Spent most of the day outside on Friday so wanted to make sure I was warm in the cooler weather without being too bundled up..   [[SPOILER]]
Awesome look! I do have an old pair of 501's in my closet that are built like yours.. very high waisted.. and I love them..but for some reason have not really worn them.. maybe because they are bigger for me..purchased them like 11 years ago..I could get it tailored but have not got around to them yet.. the cheapest denim ever copped but this look is making me think I should re-invest in them again..
Thanks Blekit!
Happy New Year everyone! No New Year gear here..Just some DB love..Wore this last week when the temps temporarily went back into the mid 60's.. This a newer suit that I purchased while in Chicago over the summer at a boutique shop.. it had been sitting there because of the proportions so by the time I got to around to it..it was like 75% off NWT's...which in my mind was a hell of a steal..its a really light summery 160's fabric so while it will work in the warm weather...
I feel you Michael.. Its always hard for me because its a multitude of problems.. Most L's fit me pretty well in terms of Jacket Length, but then sleeve lengths become an issue (I was measured at almost 39 inches for shirt sleeve length)..and then inseam becomes a problem as well (Measured at a 38 inch inseam which makes cuffs an adventure)..so buying on the net is almost next to impossible.. luckily I have been able to work with one or two tailors around here who have...
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