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I did see your comment presidente! Thanks my man!
never said it was not a standard suiting pattern..I said its not my steez so I would not feel comfortable wearing as a suit..as for the shoes I think it provides added color to a gray palette..but thats neither here nor there..
I disagree Pliny.. while it lacks texture or patch pockets that designate a S.C the pattern on the jacket allow it to be a stand out SC.. infac I bought it as a SC.. there is no way with the zig zag pattern I would feel comfortable wearing it as a suit...if it were a plain worsted wool jacket with very litttle to no patterns, then I would agree..but I would disagree with my jacket..where I do agree is that it is very limited with what I can pair it with..because I dont see...
Very nice Coxsackie! My favorite of yours!
That is a killer DB! Consistently so elegant cleav! One of my favorite posters if I may say so..
^^Awesome aas.. very ruggedly, casually elegant..I should say gents, this page has nothing but win in terms of S.C combos.. kudos!
From yesterday for church..  
you are right.. he is the only one that I could think of when I wrote that statement..but you are more of a dandy dresser... for some reason you did not pop in my head..Im chocsosa, not kulata...lol
Thanks cleav! Hey what can I say.. you are destroying it..looking good my man!
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