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Thanks a lot Sander! Yes, it is my usual collar
What I wore Thursday and Friday  of last week...       Then Friday for the colder weather due to the storms..  
you guys are bringing it in this challenge..my meager contribution I guess..my vintage item in my ensemble is the watch...From contacting Oris it dates back to the late 60's..gift from my dad..    
colder this morning..Tried to snap some pictures in the am before heading into the office..  
Yes AAS.. the fit would have worked without the vest. The best is a no go IMO
I know it can be done..some suits are not made to be business like.. it just depends on the texture of the suiting fabric, and the bells and whistles of the suit as in the construction, patch pockets, so on and forth..there are some suits made to be work casually...I feel this suit is on the line because its almost unstructured (unlined, very little padding) and it is flannel... but the pockets toe the line skewing it more towards Business than casual..I would never in a...
I think you may be right guys. Live and learn. In my defense the suit is very textured...which adds a certain level of casualness. Next time Ill stick to the V-necks or cardigans and play it safe.
you are right Sugar.. I guess it comes down to can a sweater look good with a structured or semi structured suit.. I feel most on SF will say no..it was an experiment that may not have worked though.. Thanks Sug!
Worn for a business meeting and a school function on my east coast trip from last week... A good opportunity to truly test out if this flannel would keep me warm in really cold weather (being it does not drop below 45 here in Cali often) and it worked..     A walk with my daughter..     An alumni workshop for my honors program at my alma mater    
Some good fit today gents! So another purchase for a new suit acquired a couple months ago..finally got it back from the tailor to use today for work..I sized up on this thinking I may have too and then come too find out I did not have too.. it was a full size to big.. so took it to the tailors and had them essentially re- cut it to make it fit..so this is WIWT..( btw sorry for the bad lighting..so hard to get great light early in the morning)..  
New Posts  All Forums: