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I dont mean to infer that you are saying that SS is crap..Im just saying that people should not write them off because they have moved on to better (the M2M route or Bespoke) because in reality a well done M2M will trump most brands any day of the week..overall my point is SS is a good brand that is well priced.. KW might be better (and I say that because I have personally never tried him) but that should not take away from what SS provides... Thanks Cap! Yea that was a...
I'll try to chime in a little bit.. I have many makers, suiting and SC wise..I think its been documented here how I might be a difficult fit (being 6"9 around 225lbs or so) and I find SS to be good.. not great but good.. atleast for my body type..would I say that SS is better quality wise than some of my higher end stuff or the few M2M stuff I have.. no.. but its not overrated in my mind.. in my rotation it serves it's purpose like all my clothing does..if it fits me well...
Congrats Rosace! And great job to all those that participated!
Some inspirational entries to say the least on here..My humble entry..My favorite and currently only DB suit..posted it on here a couple times.. but never a competition..   [[SPOILER]]
a 44L..
Would be nice if you guys had something in my size.. doing M2M would be ideal but living on the West Coast puts me out of location for your stores..
A rhapsody of blue with rumpled unlined cotton with a linen/silk tie worn casually for a wedding back in April/May..  [[SPOILER]]
The pants were way loose before.. like I had to take it in 3.5 inches to make it work (which I did a couple weeks ago).. so it was tied like that from before due to wearing pants were the waist was a little bigger..
New suit worn to a wedding this past weekend..Happy Independence day to all us 'muricans on here!    [[SPOILER]]  
Thanks.. its made by Borrelli..Hope this helps..
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