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Wow, completely amazing guys..Thanks so much for the info.. a lot of these brands I have steered clear of just for the simple fact that I dont know if they would fit a guy my size. Might check out some of these other brands you guys have mentioned to see if it might work.. thanks again!
Next time Im in L.A we should link up Cotton, if you are game
I get it.. the spurs are a team that is supremely efficient and have been the best team in the NBA this year but you would never know because they are so not flashy.. outsiders looking in would say the Heat or the Thunder.. they have more allstars and a flashier game.. but they cannot hold a candle to the Spurs.. thats how I view your style Clags.. I know I never comment much because I dont have the time too and I really feel that style and fits are so intimate to the...
dang you are tall Murlsquirl! Welcome to the tall mans club! lol
Im 6"9, not 6"7
Trust me sug.. I did not.. Im from bmore.. I only moved here 4 years ago..on the east coast when we think of Cali we think of beaches, temperate weather and beautiful women..who knew Cali was like Texas with a lot of shitty towns in between..lol
Hell nah.. its already as hot as the devils balls out here in the Central Valley..in the 90's.. give me back 60, 70 degree weather anyday, lol
Thanks guys.. more 6"9 than 6"10 but what is one inch, lol..
Taken for the challenge but I forgot to post it to the challenge thread..oh well..Happy Tuesday gents!  
Hey Stiva. Honestly, I wear brown with everything a lot and brown would have fit in just fine with this outfit. However I wanted to change things up a bit and felt with this outfit black would be fine..thats about as much thought that went into it..I think people are so used to brown shoes or loafers with everything they forget that black can be as sleek.Thanks arnathor..I am in the financial services industry..moving out to California has challenged me too step my biz...
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