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Thanks for the words @pravda!
Worn a couple days ago.. weather has finally dipped and I'm able to wear some fall/winter gear..It feels good rocking some flannel, cashmere and wool again..  [[SPOILER]]
Worn Saturday evening...Keeping it simple...Temps have dropped the last couple days.. so able to break out the Fall Weather gear..   [[SPOILER]]  Also this worn a couple of weeks ago.. always meant to post.. Details  [[SPOILER]]
The SC is a pale pink not beige...it depends on how you look at fits.. if you are a stark contrast believer then it might not work.. a stark contrast kinda guy would have worn brown pants or blue..I on the other hand feel that a color like pink can work with a variety of other color combinations..its more versatile than one thinks..it can work with white, gray, green, blue, e.t.c.it works for my climate right now too.. its hella hot out here right now.. light warmer colors...
Worn for Church being the weather here is still in the mid 80's..Men can wear pink as well..come to think of it..  I have been wearing a lot of pink and brown, a lot of linen and a lot of SC combos in the same fit alot recently..second outfit which was worn last weekend has pink in it as well (Shirt, P.S and Lapel Pin)...All though the east coast part of me us yearning for cooler winds to come in.. Its been way to hot for too long! lol   [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Its still in the 80's out here in the central valley.. looking like we may not have a cold winter.. still able to rock the linens on the weekends..this is another all Linen situation..I've really been rocking this SC lately..I love the feel of it and I've worn it pretty hard this fall..it seems like an older Polo model..probably from the mid 2000's..but its still retains its shape and looks like new and unwrinkled (which can be a problem for other linen jackets that tend...
Temps back in the mid 70's or so the last week.. so still getting some wear from this warm weathered clothing..  
Finally getting a little cooler..it was in the low to mid 60's today due to the incoming inclement weather..was able to break out some fall gear with the heavier beefy SC..Used a look from I believe a drakes look book for inspiration.. also noting that I have been wearing a lot of SC's lately as well..  [[SPOILER]]
All these textured looks... it makes me so jealous that its still 80 degree weather here in the Central Valley.. Great looks the last couple pages fellas!
This..   Worn over the weekend for my wife's birthday dinner... I think I have something else.. I just have to find the right image..
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