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Congrats bro! Welcome to the club... my little one's middle name is Nife too! lol
Yea awesome work Elio! You and Don have kept this thread going..Thanks mang!
might I say this has been an epic week for good outfits from so many..truly epic! So much inspiration.. thanks guys!
look almost as tall as me! lol.. how tall are you?
Copped on ebay NWT from a reputable seller..a pretty penny but still 50% off..it was a present to my self for my birthday, lol
Thanks Sander! It is a FIH sander though.. the tie is just a bit wide at 3.8.. I wanted a bigger knot to go with the Lapels.. but I assure you its a FIH knot
Thanks EliodA and CP! It took 4 long years to find the perfect DB for me..I have another one purchased thats at the tailors as well..but yea my favorite suit in my rotation now...Hey Clarinet, thats a beautiful suit.. what brand is it if I may ask?
NEW SUIT! Before I headed up to San Fran this past weekend for a big biz meeting..my first suit purchase in over 2 years and it was worth it..      
Thanks guys..Gerry I gotta say though.. the looks you put together is pretty much an inspiration..just started following you on Tumblr..the coordination is next level..to me anyways..thanks everyone for the thumbs and kind words!
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