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I would say that I have pretty broad interests
Joe Strummer and Kurt Cobain (despite the risk)
This is the exact reason why i get up early.You may feel tired for 30 minutes or so but you'll be awake for the rest of the day and you won't feel lazy!
I just run my way through stress on the treadmill.
Not that bothered by halloween but i do buy candy for any kids that knock on my door. It should be just a kids holiday really.
Just had the best supper...steak with onions, tomato's, salad and fries!
6 miles today :)
My father went grey at 19 so i thought i would too. Not looking forward to the day i wake up and find my first grey hair.
Every 3-4 weeks is about the limit for me.
I don't want to move there.. :)
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