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A lot of my ties have either been hand-me-downs or were bought for me, and I would like to update my collection and figure out what I need to get rid of or keep. Suggestions?  
Hey all,   A lot of my ties were hand-me-downs or bought for me for family events and whatnot, and I'd like to update it so that it is more stylish and professional. Which of the ties in my collection do you think I should get rid of? I appreciate the help.   Brian  
Thanks so much for your input guys, and I really appreciate your pictures Holdfast. Is #7 a navy grenadine style tie?   Also for #2, is the bengal stripe a navy blue or an indigo? The shirt I have is more of an indigo.
I recently picked up a bengal shirt from Brooks Brothers with thin, dark blue stripes. I know to avoid ties with a pattern that is similar in size, but I'd like to know what you all thought would be appropriate both in color and pattern.
What waterproofing spray do you guys recommend?
Want to revive this thread, need more closet pr0n!   Anyone have experience with Elfa from The Container Store to organize closets?
For those of you who use OxyClean powder, do you follow the directions on the box to put it in the washing machine, let it fill with water, THEN add clothing, or do you just dump everything at once? Any difference?
  Victor, what briefcase/bag is that?
Looks like I'll be working to lose some weight so I can fit into the 34" lol :P
Hey all,   Been in the process of trying to improve my wardrobe and find clothes that fit me better. I used to always get Gap classic or relaxed fit jeans because I have huge thighs but they would be baggy everywhere else. My measurements are 36" waist, 30" inseam. Suggestions for jeans that aren't too tight in the thighs?
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