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Anyone getting an Internal Service error when trying to go on the AE site for the holiday sale?
Where are you guys seeing the AE Holiday Sale on their site? I can't find any link.   On a separate note, anyone know of a site that's selling the Kenilworth in brown or walnut at a discount, like how Amazon was doing their 30% off or whatever?
I'm not that crafty and my apartment is not all that equipped for DIY projects like this.
I saw a picture online a few weeks ago of a guy who made a tie cubby for his neckties using Legos, and then mounted it to a wall. It got me thinking of doing something similar since my closet is so small, and I thought it would make a nice display for my ties to be rolled up. I've looked at some storage solution sites but haven't come across much. Anyone know where to get started?
How do you cuff your pant hems so well? When I cuff mine the hem sort of billows out at the sides.
Getting looks from that guy in the background :P
This may be a naive question, but I subscribed to the JAB mailing list a few months ago and quickly unsubscribed because I was getting nearly daily e-mails about sales like buy 1 suit, get 2 free etc etc. How can JAB afford to do this?
That's the only tie I bought on my own, thanks for instilling confidence in me
Not sure if this is the right place to post or if this should be a separate thread, but of the ties I have which ones should I get rid of? A lot of these were hand-me-downs or gifted to me, but I'd like to build my own style.  
Hey all,   I'm Brian, a 24-year-old medical student living in Boston. I'm trying to transition from high school/college wear to stuff that is more appropriate for my age casually and for my profession down the road. I came here from the malefashionadvice section of Reddit.
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