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Quote: Quote: Few, I thought I was the only one that liked shirts. These aren't the greatest, but I have been working my balls off lately and haven't had an opportunity to get out. I was running some errands today and there happened to be a consignment shop in the same shopping center so I gave it a shot. Here we go, nothing that special but I believe brag-worthy nonetheless as they were picked up at more than thrift but what I believed to be fair prices.   Top Row:...
Quote:   I picked up some shirts today, does anybody still like shirts?
Nice tie!   I don't usually do this, but Concealed is a solid dude. Not only did he hook me up with a good price on some pants, but he also hooked me up with some nice extras. Good looks.
I was at a thrift that had a very recent set of Pings in a youth size.
Amazing! I was just there, saw the same pants, and I think they were something like $79.
Another top third thrift pic.   [[SPOILER]]
^^In our neck of the woods??
+1, those are great!
  Yeah, Klobber is an all around solid fellow. I really have no idea. I am not as well versed as everyone else here on makers. I know that HF did their jackets but I thought the shirts were Gitman. Oh well.
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