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Yea...don't these things retail for like $600?
  The maker is Jubilee. They are from the most Northern region. Don't you guys know anything?
Sorry to hear about all of your troubles. On a brighter note, you know the SFSS is going to be awesome due to what we have been hearing about ocooney lately. You can only go up from here right?!
And ha ha, wtf!?
^^I like these, and not just because they say Ferragamo on them. I have a pair that I received in a trade from Grendel and they are by far my favorite casual shoe. That Harris Tweed is awesome as well.   And Bolded: who dis be??
I thought I was the only one that was going to be a dick today.
Quote: Quote: Maybe it is just me, but when I see a V2 Versace shirt every other page with shredded collars and cuffs and someone asking spoo how much he would make, it gets rather old. I agree that for croc loafers, couture pieces, etc. something exceptional, it is nice to have him for a resource but there are other members that can aid with this advice as well, not just spoo. You are also right, spoo is a good dude. But again, the couture pieces aren't what we are...
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