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Grimy. That escalated quickly. $10 to $99. Not saying you shouldn't do whatever you want with the shoes, they are yours, but....
    All priority is free regardless of online or not.
Continue to pass on DKNY. Its Donna Karan Couture/Signature that is SOMETIMES worth a pick up. The couture is often made by Martin Greenfield and the signature is sometimes made by St. Andrews, however, Lardini produces most of what you see regarding the Signature Made in Italy items.
95% of the time made by Martin Greenfield. Great stuff on the Kiton!
    Great stuff! Thanks guys. Purchased for me but it will probably end up hitting the bay or be available for cheap here because I am not sure the measurements are going to fit. Thanks again for the info!
 Great sole on those! I would love to have a commando type sole on a shoe like that.I have a pair of TBNY. They are perfectly serviceable, and are actually quite comfortable. Thanks again for the package SS! I will post the official thanks in the thread sometime later this week. Happy Holidays!
Anyone know anything about Save Khaki??
http://www.vegatravel.net/aboutus/ Probably the same desirability since it isn't customized.  over that Billy Reid btw.
  I would pass on that deal. You can often pick them up at that price at NMLC, with tags.
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