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I complained about spoilering in the other thread. My bad. I spoilered but it didn't appear to work.
Get on my quick about the Vigano staple grey wool trousers...trying to let those guys go quick and cheap,,$192 on Yoox whaaaa     x2 Jack Spade, L and XL     Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) Thrift finds Polo Cord XXL     Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)   Belvest DB Wool&Cashmere Suit 6x2 Size 42 Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)         Regular old incotex? Nope. Incotex Sea Island Size 38S Warning: Spoiler! (Click to...
 Quote: Can't say that it is anywhere in the same league. Yours is rare and retails for quite a bit higher. But I figured, for under $40 with a $350 retail that are usually selling, and the one I purchased, for around $100-125, why not give it a shot? It is a cool jacket.  I like Mercedes, and that is new and badass. No offense man, I still love you, but it makes taking drives easier. I'll drop by sometime next week (hopefully for sure) before my run down to pick up my...
When are we going on that thriftventure?!?!  
First, Discount Store FindsRLBL 30x30 [[SPOILER]]  Nike NSW Varsity Jacket XL [[SPOILER]]  Alpha Khaki, for me x2 Jack Spade, L and XL   [[SPOILER]] Thrift findsPolo Cord XXL   [[SPOILER]]  Belvest DB Wool&Cashmere Suit 6x2 Size 42 [[SPOILER]]  Regular old incotex? Nope.Incotex Sea Island Size 38S [[SPOILER]]  x2 Vigano Size 36, available for cheap to thread regular (staple single pleated charcoal wool pant silk lined) [[SPOILER]]  Mabro, supposed to be super high quality,...
Nope, not me.
If it was BB, it may have been me. If not, definitely not me. I have been shopping around for some staple blazers for my pops. He is a 42-44 XL.
I bid on a couple of things yeah. All of the c&j's (I think, particularly the suede), the spectators, and...something else that I can't remember. I wasn't going to bother you via pm because I know that you would far surpass what I would be willing to pay.
Wow, fire:     You figure when someone fucks up what you buy, and your receive a dirty pair of LL Bean chukkas not even in the right size, they would be a little nicer. Plus, I didn't open the case, eBay automatically opens them.
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