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Oh yeah. Also, 99% of the YSL you find...is not the YSL you are looking for..
 Even though I think your fits suck, I agree with you. I find it interesting so see what people can put together from their thrifted or traded items.  It would be interesting to see a thread with people dressed entirely from thrifted/discount store items rather than thousand dollar suits, shoes, etc. And I also agree with you wes. I believe I have dealt with 38R in the past, and he was a pretty good guy. @Ken I do have some finds coming, albeit only a few, when I have some...
I am with it! And no why would they be? I am wearing socks... We should create one...
 Thanks Nat! No value necessary! I don't want anyone up in arms. I was just curious what it was. Its like a hybrid jacket. Really heavy wool with a blanket liner, suede and leather on the collar, Made in the USA. Seemed like a cool piece. Unfortunately a little large for me but I figured someone might want it. I think your fit sucks too can I play?  Today:  [[SPOILER]]
Not to re-quote myself, well yeah to re-quote myself, but any info in this from you outdoorsy gentleman?  [[SPOILER]]
Just a couple of things. Not a terrible day. [[SPOILER]]  Paul Stuart (Drakes?), J Press, Ben Silver [[SPOILER]]  Jil Sander [[SPOILER]]  Hugo Boss [[SPOILER]] Crombie Tweed [[SPOILER]]  L.L. Bean, Made in the USA, Wool-Suede-Leather?Was this worth a pickup??? [[SPOILER]]
   I don't get it. I would literally burn that with fire.
Couple fits over couple days... [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
Its cool man, just go for it. Buy all of the stuff!
Buy it all brother.
New Posts  All Forums: