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 Great sole on those! I would love to have a commando type sole on a shoe like that.I have a pair of TBNY. They are perfectly serviceable, and are actually quite comfortable. Thanks again for the package SS! I will post the official thanks in the thread sometime later this week. Happy Holidays!
Anyone know anything about Save Khaki??
http://www.vegatravel.net/aboutus/ Probably the same desirability since it isn't customized.  over that Billy Reid btw.
  I would pass on that deal. You can often pick them up at that price at NMLC, with tags.
IN the market for a tailored cut staple suit, somewhere in the 36-38R range, 32x31-32 pant.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nike-NSW-Brazil-Brasil-Destroyer-Varsity-Jacket-Coat-XL-Wool-Blend-Black-350-/400614749459?pt=US_CSA_MC_Outerwear&hash=item5d467ff513   RL Black Label Pants   NSW Varsity Jacket     NSW Olympic Team Jacket     Willis & Geiger Utility Shirt     T&A Grenadine  
Ah, good ole' TJ Maxx.  +1.
Shipped mine priority as well. Should be today...hopefully...
If it is for you it is an excellent pick up. I would pass, however, if you are purchasing to sell.
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