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I hate to bring this up since this is often talked about, but I was wondering if someone could school (aka walk me through the process) me on this garage sale app., I think i am going to take the plunge.
That would be a sight to see Tom Cruise accept an Academy Award for something he wasn't even in, in Zanella trousers nonetheless!
^^ Is that claimed?
Watching the Superbowl, two finds from TJ Maxx quick pick. The first is a Corneliani sweater member Sea Jen gave me the heads up on last week, and a Jack Spade scarf.   [[SPOILER]]
...Purple you say?
Was it Made in the USA? If so, Martin Greenfield. Awesome! You can say whatever you want right? This is an internet forum...
I am a little disheveled, it's been a long day. [[SPOILER]]
I actually just had the opportunity to open the package. It's a great fit, thanks a lot. For some reason I have been really into quilted vests lately. And thanks for the extra!!! Hope you enjoy those pants!
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