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I was being sarcastically happy.
My post on the last page. I did not receive my money back yet either. Pending...
Jos A Bank cancelled my order like everyone else, but have yet to refund my money. The saga continues.   Picked up a couple items. Only had the chance to get out for one day, but did have the opportunity to get out to a storage auction, my second opportunity.   NWT Ralph Lauren by Corneliani Flax Pants Size 34 [[SPOILER]]   Incotex 32 [[SPOILER]]   Discount Store NWT x3 Drakes [[SPOILER]]   Grenadine   [[SPOILER]] All Available.
I purchased two pairs of these. Did I make a mistake?
Wait? So Walt is alive? The bold above is part of my point, he is probably rolling over in his grave. But I agree with your statement, so carry on.
It's not ALWAYS about money. Do you think Walt Disney would really want a Starbucks in Magic Kingdom?
  This. Honestly the average might be the same, at $7.25. I live on the East Coast as well and find, I guess luckily, that the items I need to send in boxes are usually up and down the East Coast. The cost is usually around $6.83.
Regional Rate A, side loading box. I wrap them in the plastic that the dry cleaner provides or put it inside of another tyvek envelope. I have seen shirts in ziplock bags, but I don't think I would put a sc or jacket in there.
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