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Ok, haven't been thrfiting but took two fits since the first week of Sept that I wanted to share. They were in passing so the detail is pretty poor, and they aren't full body so you can't critique the silhouette or anything, but I wanted to share.)First week of Sept  [[SPOILER]]  Today in the car, one in a bit of traffic and getting out.  [[SPOILER]]
 I am seriously considering purging 90% of my closet and purchasing at uniqlo. Store is now like less than 2 miles from my parents and I can't stop going and purchasing. Grabbed two pair of selvage denim the other day for $70, and a blue ocbd for 19.90, and the quality is more than acceptable. I thrifted a rowenta for about the same. Came to find that it was around $125 machine, on discount...I e-thrifted a mcnairy jacket, which looked pretty cool, but I can't comment on...
I often pass on those. And, on a brighter note, I can't find the post but after speaking with a very nice customer representative on eBay I had my only ever negative feedback removed.
Only time for one stop. BB Slim Fit for me Swaine Adeney Hunting Cords? Size 38 [[SPOILER]]  Luciano Barbera Size 38   [[SPOILER]]  Incotex Inco Chino Size 38 also I believe [[SPOILER]] Willis and Geiger Size Large [[SPOILER]]  Sid Mashburn Minty Awesomeness Size 32 [[SPOILER]]
Where is it made? Peerless perhaps.
OK, so proof of condition is a thing right? For example, to my question above where I have pictures of the pockets in good condition, when the buyer leaves me negative for the outside of the pockets being in bad condition?
Yeah, and they generally aren't particularly well made either, but to each his own.
Wes, those are real.
Side view and interior tag of the ice creams? They do fake them, but they look right from here. EDIT: And underneath if you can.
    I used basically the only dibs I've ever called....
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