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And you seem like a very nice fellow. The "customer service" (I know we aren't Macy's) has been substandard thus far.
Yup! I remember that jacket find..looks awesome! Phineas??? Awesome!
Described as 9.5/10 and "worn litely." That is absolutely a flawed statement, correct? Not that I necessarily need assurance for this one, but it is nice to have a second opinion.  [[SPOILER]]
Time is definitely valuable, especially since I barely have any free during the fall/winter/spring. The coat wouldn't have fit, if it was was a small or medium I definitely would have kopped for personal use!
EUC? Is that an old term? Doesn't seem to be used much anymore. The coat was in Excellent Used Condition. I figured it was a good pass since they seem to hover in the area or $75 to $100, if I was lucky. But they jacket really was in excellent condition.
Sorry, man. Size XL only. They also had an XL Barbour sweater NWT for $20.
Bad pass?... EUC Barbour polarquilts at $45 a piece?
xpost   What are the chances there are going to show? Purchased on Sept 25, not marked shipped. Time to contact the buyer?  
What are the chances these show up? Not marked shipped yet, purchased on the 25th of September.  
No.. I'm actually a smoking jacket..
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