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Richard James 16.5 Available [[SPOILER]] Drakes, Made in Italy, 16.5  Available [[SPOILER]] Drakes, BBBF   [[SPOILER]] Orvis Size Large Available [[SPOILER]] Barbour Size Medium Rugy Polo Available [[SPOILER]] Ted Baker Size 16.5 If anyone wants it, it's available [[SPOILER]] A BB slim fit shirt in white and a Bag full of ties.. TBD
    Have many BillyBlass suits.IN YOUR SIZE! Kopped f-or sure. BILLY BLASS premium designer. Will sell, high prices!PM me for details.
I've had the opportunity to handle quite a few of their pieces, and the quality is good, the cuts and designs are decent, of all the pieces, I have never seen anything less than 130's, and there is generally a lot of handwork as well as other cool details. Canali level.
I like your style.  Nope he is a 38.
Pretty sure that is an old Gruppo tag.
Ok here is what I have. No other markings or writing. Any clues?   
 I took a peak in the box. Pretty sure I got three black t-shirts. Thanks Left Field.  WTF.
$600 tailored and taxed out the door. The construction is pretty solid. Canvassed with Super 130's Vitale Barberis. Pants are silk lined to the knee with a piece of fabric stitched to the inside so the fabric doesn't wear on your shoes. Pic stitching, probably machine but still a nice feature. Surgeon cuffs. Dual vents. The buttons are plastic which I don't care for. Made in China also, but that is ok with me, I am not discriminatory. What's great about it is it's...
Are the shoulders that bad?? They are  unstructured. The first picture is making them look a little boxie because I have my arms up to take the pictures. Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel...
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