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oh yeah...and available ^^
A couple of these items have been posted. Found them on top of the pile waiting for spring/summer. Polo Seersucker Shorts [[SPOILER]]  BB Pants [[SPOILER]]  BB linen pants [[SPOILER]]  Zanella x2 first is a nice tweedy [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]  Polo Seersucker Pants [[SPOILER]]  J. Crew LP Fabric Pants [[SPOILER]]  Canali Cotton/linen pants [[SPOILER]]
You connect it under your crotch to keep the shirt in place.
Some nice items just listed. Here's one:     Thanks for looking!
Two e-thrifts. Nothing special. Available for anyone interested.  [[SPOILER]]
   I had a pair in the 90's but I'm too young to remember. They came out with a reissue not so long ago.
You've been around too much gitman vintage.  
Or Suzuki gs... Window shop on Craigslist and bike trader but never had the stones to kop. The insurance is no Bueno.[quote name="barrelntrigger" url="/t/480919/the-official-thrift-discount-store-bragging-thread-part-ii-return-to-the-thunderdomGood stuff?? From earlier runs of lvc?
Oh yeah, and I am a little embarrassed about this one.   Thought it might be gren so I took a stab. If it turns out not to be gren, I really have no use, want, or need for it. 
 Please pm me with deets on this thing. Basically the same bike I want. 
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