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Oldnavy?? Pass...
This is going to work out really well for me once I get those sleeves taken down about an inch. I had a Brioni just like it but got rid of it because it was ventless. Cheers!
I had a nightmare that I reached into the box where I keep my padded flat rates and there weren't any. I woke up this morning to a sale, began packing the item and reached into the box where I keep the padded flat rates....and there weren't any...  
Thanks to my secret santa mistermidwester for a pretty rad silk scarf and an amazon giftcard. I've been renting most of my books for grad school as ecopies from amazon, so this will definitely help.....or I may just buy a book I've been wanting... And some meager finds. Went to Goodwill for some xmas decorations but of course I made just a quick stop in the men's department. x2 PRL Estate Size 16Available at cost+shipping [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]] BB 346...
 Over 40.
Don't know if this helps, but Menswearhouse sells the select line.
If I only knew...
I don't think they did, the pattern is a little different.
Damn...I'm going to have to read 8000 pages of thread.
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