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Part 2e-thrifts--all available except the two sweaters and the gators $10? Sure. Polo Italy$20 sure. Paid $90 for all this junk, ouch... This didn't work out for me so if anyone wants it at cost, let me know. [[SPOILER]]  
Part 1 Stuff you might care about. [[SPOILER]]
   I passed on two of these today at Goodwill. $50 a piece, ouch. I owned like 6 of them as a kid. My favorite was the Charlotte Hornets. I was a big Jamal Mashburn fan.  Yeah, a couple of times actually in BB brand, but I personally own a couple of Zegna twills (if that's what they are) with a cashmere content.
That thing was sick. Just saying.
Still looking for a black grenadine for myself. But now I have these to trade. Would be interested in a 1 for 1.  
I didn't want to say anything in case I got burned on these (they were $40 for both), but I didn't.   [[SPOILER]]
 The buyer just sent me a message, he was really confused. Didn't understand how I could just let him have an item. Told me to just refund the glue money. I refunded him the entirety anyway, told him again not to worry about it. Had the same thing happen over the summer. The condition of the item I had was awesome, it literally looked like it came right off of the store shelf. I played down the condition however just to be safe. Buyer negged me, told me the outside of the...
I know it's more of an entry level piece, but I basically live in my Hamilton. I wear it to work, I wear it casually, I wear it when lifting boxes/moving, I helped push a van out of a giant mud pit during the downpour last weekend and was wearing it then.
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