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Yeah, it has all of the markings of something authentic, although I haven't seen this particular style before. I originally thought leather, but was wayyyyy wrong.
 It isn't fake, just older. Plus the quality would agree that it isn't fake.I was in the store and did a quick completed listings check on my phone. Because it's nwt it should (hopefully) sell in the $26-35 range, which will be a profit of around $15. Probably not worth it to most, but I have quite a lot of listings going up and figured, what is one more? Also, I know that both of you are pretty good at identifying things, any info. on that barbour? Thanks!
Shaq Medium [[SPOILER]]  NWT J Jil for the Ladies [[SPOILER]] Paul Smit Size 15 [[SPOILER]] Peter Millar XL [[SPOILER]] Filson XL [[SPOILER]] BoO OCBD Size S [[SPOILER]]
Picked this up. Any info on this guy? Or just another cool piece.  [[SPOILER]] Descente Size Small [[SPOILER]] Boss Made in Italy [[SPOILER]] Pink 17.5 [[SPOILER]]  Corneliani 36w [[SPOILER]] BB 34w No Linen Left Behind [[SPOILER]]
Have some new stuff listed.       http://www.ebay.com/itm/Perfect-Robert-Talbott-Seven-7-Fold-Tie-Necktie-Limited-Edition-8-40-WOW-/400729402391?pt=US_Mens_Ties&hash=item5d4d556c17
Louis Roth.
For some reason they uploaded backwards?
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