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Summer Shirt [[SPOILER]]  Cotton Flannel Thing [[SPOILER]]  Cotton Flannel Shirt Thing [[SPOILER]]  Minty But Missing a Sleeve Button [[SPOILER]]  Charcoal Flannels [[SPOILER]]  x3  Unicorns [[SPOILER]]
Not trying to stomp on your finds, but this is a pass.
Unfortunately, no. Measure 34x35. Pretty cool jeans though.
I mean, they're made in the USA. That has to count for something, right?
Nothing special, right? [[SPOILER]]
Wimmenz? [[SPOILER]]
really? I've never seen Tailorbyrd in the thread. Maybe I missed it.
Sick finds! Haven't posted much lately so the following is mostly fodder from one day.  [[SPOILER]]
Hi, all. I've been on a little bit of a hiatus in terms of extracurricular activities lately, which included a break from thrifting. Unfortunately my car of 9.5 years decided that it was time to retire itself, so I picked up a new set of thrifting wheels that I've shared in a picture below:       It's great to see all of the excellent hauls lately as well. The finds are way better now than when I began on the thread a few years ago.
Thanks! Will call eBay again tomorrow. That will be the third time. It's pretty absurd considering the buyer hasn't even contacted me in ten days. 50/50 on having the item returned to me.
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