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Had a terrible day today. Went to a couple of thrifts I barely ever frequent. The first stop was the biggest thrift store, and I was met by a couple who were obviously flippers. They had a cart full of stuff but I have to give them props, they knew what they were doing. The female more than male, however. She passed on a pretty good fake burberry, and a couple of jermyn street shirts that were just too expensive. She was ebay apping the crap out of some nwt BR stuff that...
I was never good at word problems...
Six auctions prices starting at $12.99. Thanks for looking.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/400864683875?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649  
   Really glad I decided to skip going out yesterday. Also glad they are your size, however. Great finds! Don't ask questions...
  Something that someone who makes a normal/reasonable wage but also is continuing education so expendable income is tight. Preferably canvas or leather. As a point of reference, for example, this bag http://www.jackspade.com/commuter-nylon-site-messenger/NYRU2148.html?dwvar_NYRU2148_size=UNS&dwvar_NYRU2148_color=400#start=3&cgid=Bags-Messenger-Bags is at TJ Maxx right now for $138, and is out of my price range.
Want to purchase a family member an affordable messenger bag for her graduate school graduation. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
Literally spit the macaroni I was eating out of my mouth.
Thanks, Brian.
Yeah, seller. Sorry. I'm at work. Typing fast and not re-reading. And that sucks. It's going to cost over $10 to ship, out of my pocket, and I have nothing for it. The item wasn't as described, the measurements were wonky. But, I've probably purchased 30-40 items from this seller in the last year.
Just spoke to eBay about a problem that I am having with my defect report not matching my dashboard. This is not my first call to eBay as a seller. I'm convinced that 86% of the people that work there have no clue what they are talking about.   Would appreciate some input on another situation as well. Purchased an item from a buyer that I do TONS of business with. The item arrived not as described. I contacted the seller to let her know as much, provided the...
New Posts  All Forums: