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Alright cool thanks. I figured as much, kopped. They still had the ridiculous price on them as well. Like $795 or something.
NWT Borrelli Olive Cotton/Flannel Flat Front Hand-stitched Pants an auto kop at $35?
In other words, real.
   Great info guys, thanks! Not sure about my feet, I've never had them "diagnosed." I should go to walmart and get on that Dr. Scholls machine. And I definitely don't run as much as you do. Maybe 10-15 miles a week max during the summer, and maybe 6-7 during the rest of the year. Good luck in your race!
Saw those too. Like 30 pair of them. Very good price. Did anyone take advantage of the reebook extra 50% sale price? Picked up two pairs for $70. I am having trouble finding a really good pair of running shoes that don't hurt my heels and do a better job or preventing shin splints. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
I thought the same thing.
That's an insane find, regardless of where you found them. And all of those sizes and boxes?! I was in Maryland and found some Jordan flight 45 for 49.99 and thought that was awesome. Didn't buy any, but pretty good price.
PRL Corn Size 36R for me N/A [[SPOILER]] Vtg. Golden Fleece Size 42 [[SPOILER]] Gant Rugger Size 36/34 [[SPOILER]] Gant Rugger Size 36/32 [[SPOILER]] Gant Rugger Size 36/32 [[SPOILER]] BoO XL  [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
Damn man, at Marshalls?! Wow.
I like the first one with no H.
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