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Couple of really nice new ties listed including Zegna Quindici, Zegna Venticinque, and Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece 7 Fold ties.  [[SPOILER]]
 Have these in blue. Love them. Paid $35 for them at finish line. +1, really personable. Well it has been another tie day, so back to back tie days for me. All below are available. [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]  x57 Fold [[SPOILER]]
Oh yeah and I picked these up for 40% off at a discount store today: x2  [[SPOILER]]  x2  [[SPOILER]]  1  [[SPOILER]] 1  [[SPOILER]]  1  [[SPOILER]]
 Love this tie! Sort of synergy...picked this up from a discount store today.  [[SPOILER]]    Nice watches! Humble addition:  And @PLaydice those sixers weapons are dope.
 Did you take these photos??? Wow, man. They look incredibly professional, straight from a look-book. I need to up my game... Awesome!! I have a couple of Hamiltons as well. Probably my favorite watches within the price point. +1
I wasn't going to brag about these but I took pictures so what the hell. Found them out a church store with about 20 pieces of men's clothing so I guess that's bragworthy. EZ DB 6x2 EU56  [[SPOILER]]  Ascot Chang Probably around an 18 [[SPOILER]]
If anyone wants a pair of gap selvage fake sort of canvas beige color denim for $20 nwt obvi let me know in the next 5 minutes. Size 30x30 slim seem to be true to size.
Also had like 5 pairs of weapons growing up. I tried to model my bball game after Bird but I wasn't nearly as tall.......or as talented
   I grew up in the Philadelphia area and with this guy's cousin, and my cousin worked at planet reebok so I had like 200 pairs of sneakers growing up. Here is my humble contribution:
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