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Preach brother. That is awesome man, congratulations. The only reason I hesitate to spend so much money on clothes through purchases made at "brick and mortars" is because of moths, inseects, etc/whatever. I would hate for $1000 suit to get eaten by a moth. Casual Meeting thrift fit:    Jacket: Fred Perry (thrift)Cardi: JCP (store closing)Polo: Penguin (thrift)Pants: GAP--italian made merino wool (End of Season Sale)Shoes: Brooks Brothers by Rancourt (eBay) And accessories: 
I'm with you. Good advice. But I am partial to fabric 2 as a first choice. I have a suit that's similar in style, and I am very fond of it. And patch pockets would look excellent with this fabric as well, IMO.
Looking forward to seeing the A:X. Went into the Gap the other day and glad I did. Picked up a pair of M Nii x Gap casual chino (not pictured) and a pair of Brooklyn Tailors x Gap Selvage Chino for the grand sum of....$32.70. [[SPOILER]] Grabbed some other stuff too, nothing earth shattering but decent enough. Will have pictures tomorrow.
Non-existent in PA.... Armani sucks. I quoted some more stuff but it didn't show up. Some awesome items in there! Great stuff. And shout out the Bay Area Goodwill.
If that's wool, I rescind my comment...sort of. It looks patterned in my window.
[[SPOILER]]  The suit is awesome. It's an older corneliani label, but the styling is very contemporary. Ticket pocket, great lapel height, nice gorge, dual vent, great suit!!! [[SPOILER]]
Only had the opportunity to get out for 1 day in the last couple of weeks, unfortunately, but pulled some pretty decent stuff. All available, no measurements yet but the sizes are pictured. Brioni [[SPOILER]]  W&G [[SPOILER]]  Borrelli [[SPOILER]] Borrelli [[SPOILER]]  Barba [[SPOILER]]  NWOT-NWT Polo Cotton SC  
I'm an idiot. There were tons of them priced between $40 and $55 depending on the style. I probably would have picked up a couple if only I had tried it on earlier. [[SPOILER]]
Just got done catching up on like 1000 posts that I missed over the holiday. Just a couple of takeaways. Had to block my first, and probably only, member. And another, I only was able to thrift one day, but I would like to post my finds/brag. Am I still allowed to do that? Or do I have to tell a long story and post 16 more times before can share my finds?  [[SPOILER]]
True, but I find no difference between the quality of this shirt in comparison to one I purchased in the past that was manufactured in China. They are almost identical in every way.
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