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I read this thread pretty religiously, so I have to apologize, in advance, for asking a question about defects. I just received my 4th of the 5 allowed. I received this defect because a buyer wished to contact me about a return and selected 1) I would like to contact this buyer 2) Reason: Item not as described. As a result eBay automatically opened a return. In turn, I accepted the return because it's a nice item that I will definitely be able to sell again, but was in no...
codete.co   Under portfolio choose color helper.   I generally use it to tell the difference between black, blue, and forest green.
According to my color helper app...it's antique brass but in the same family as dark salmon and of course the base color of brown.  ...not helpful...i know.
Nothing crazy; haven't had much time to thrift. Picked up this Isaia sc on the bay. It doesn't fit me as well as I would have liked, so it is available. 38C [[SPOILER]] JV Star USA Check Odd Pants Sz 35 [[SPOILER]] HF Check Odd Pants Sz 33 [[SPOILER]] Shoe bag for my shooz
 Please expand....
What! No way! I prefer the Great American Pub though, a little less expensive.
Quote:Probably Baltimore, MD, or Conshohocken, PA....
  It looks like one of those Today's Man Made in Italy Labels.
Linen is made from flax. And is that Burberry Made in the USA? It looks like a HSM size tag. Probably wears Donald Trump ties.
Just one, an e-thrift. Saw it and thought it was a really cool even though it was 10 sizes too big for me. Around a 46R. Available. [[SPOILER]]
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