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If anyone wants a pair of gap selvage fake sort of canvas beige color denim for $20 nwt obvi let me know in the next 5 minutes. Size 30x30 slim seem to be true to size.
Also had like 5 pairs of weapons growing up. I tried to model my bball game after Bird but I wasn't nearly as tall.......or as talented
   I grew up in the Philadelphia area and with this guy's cousin, and my cousin worked at planet reebok so I had like 200 pairs of sneakers growing up. Here is my humble contribution:
Forgot this one. E-thrift.  [[SPOILER]]
Any reasoning? The tag below seems to prove otherwise. 
Wow, for Paul Smith? Thanks!
Not sure if these are braggable? I picked them up because the first pattern is awesome, and the second is very staple. x2 Jos A Bank Signature Gold Suits [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]      Not sure if this is anything but it was pretty cool. There were two or three others, this was the only one I could carry with all of that other crap in my hand.
Yup. Unfortunately my server? something computery? Blocks my access to that site. Good luck, Wes!
You're more of an expert than I, although I think $100 would be a stretch. This might be a nice pick-up for personal use: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mabro-blazer-44-regular-Loro-Piana-fabric-/321766186323?
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