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 Hit me up next time. Wow what size is the waist on that thing?!   
Can't find it am I missing something??
NWT Linen [[SPOILER]] PS London POLO [[SPOILER]] @Fueco ...so close!NOS Size Medium [[SPOILER]]    BoO Small [[SPOILER]] Barbour Large [[SPOILER]] PS London 16.5 [[SPOILER]]
Yes, my bid.
  Too late, already put in a bid.
Yeah, I mean, you put effort and time into taking pictures, inspecting items, measuring items, listing items, packing items, and shipping items to screw buyers out of  $40. It makes perfect sense.
 I thought chests measured anywhere from two to four inches larger? I posted without seeing Fueco's measurements anyway.Yeah, I think you did everything you could. Tag size and measure? You've basically exhausted your options. You might as well send it to the buyer for a pre-purchase fitting? You are suitsupply right?
In theory, yeah, but in reality it's more like a 43. Although...this is DIRECTLY from ebay http://www.ebay.com/gds/Size-conversion-chart-for-US-UK-EUROPEAN-clothing-shoes-/10000000002181633/g.html
Never been! Only seen them on TV I suppose. What's the fit like? Too slim?
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