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My car is stuck in ice. After salting shoveling salting shoveling salting shoveling etc. I still can't get it out.
  Yeah, it isn't offensive at all. And I happen to like the jacket. They had a bunch of them on clearance at BR for like $20 in big guy sizes. I was rather upset. I just don't like the bell-bottomy look to those trousers.
 I mean, I am all for free market capitalism.   And you are looking for some e-high fives for the same thing? Right? I believe this is one of those cases. If you message me with an offer for $10 (free shipping on my end) on an item that is listed and retails for much more, I am not going to sell it to you. Its very simple, I don't think you understand very well. Great, you should have just kept your comments to yourself and not have written anything. So perhaps you are the...
I probably write 15,000+ words a week. I've never actually counted. It may be more. Writing on the fly through ebay messages on my phone is not a high priority, especially to a message like what was received. Even typing now, I will not be reading this over, or re-reading it for that matter, so I'm sure it will come with mistakes. Will I gain more buyer's by using exceptional grammar and well articulated "wordsmanship?" Probably not. Will I gain more internet "friends" by...
 Wait, so I asked you? right? Thanks for playing. Not that I need to justify anything considering the excellent grammar that I have seen used here as well as on ebay, but it was done from the ebay app.
I would be willing to take a match to it at that price. On a brighter note, just sold a north face jacket for $20! Awesome!
Some new listing, 9.99, no reserve. This is a highlight. NWT Barbour Sweater.     http://www.ebay.com/itm/Barbour-Mens-Long-Sleeve-Sweater-Blue-Made-in-Scotland-Medium-M-NWT-WOW-/400665019045?pt=US_CSA_MC_Sweaters&hash=item5d497f02a5
The JOYS OF EBAY!!!!        
New Posts  All Forums: