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Wanted to consult the pros before continuing...   1) Sold and item.   2) Buyer stated the item didn't fit, the size was right but the shirt was too small. Initiated a return.   3) I do not accept returns, which is clearly stated.   4) Spoke to an eBay rep that stated this is a clear case of buyer's remorse and to decline the return request.   5) I do.   6) Buyer leaves neutral feedback.   7) I call eBay, rep tells me I've done everything right i.e. included...
Would do 15% off for styfo members (on the tie listed below). Have some other stuff listed as well.
If anyone wants these shorts, let me know:   Would obviously be for much less than eBay, would also consider a trade.
 Payne Stewart?  There were about 5 or 6 at NMLC for around $600-700, I believe one was cashmere. Again, I almost picked up some Tom Ford ties at NMLC. They were around $68 a piece but all of them had flaws, unfortunately.  e-thrifts:
looks a lot like this one...synergy
I'm not sorry for the iPhone pics and I'm not sorry for not spoilering. Mint/staple EU48 around a US38 navy suit, Sartorio by Kiton. N/A        
Awesome. Thanks, spoo! Pics tomorrow.
Sartorio is by Kiton right??
Not a tie day, unfortunately..not even sure if some of these are bragworthy...  Jos A Bank Gold 41L [[SPOILER]]  Ted Baker by Jack Victor Suit [[SPOILER]]  EZ L/S 16 [[SPOILER]]  EZ L/S Shirt 15 [[SPOILER]]  Borrelli L/S Shirt 16.5 L
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