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These are mediums that I am selling, I wear a large--9-9.5 in around.
 James Bond. I have three pairs, I love them.  [[SPOILER]]
Have a few items I think would get more appreciation here than on eBay. Would prefer a sale, but would consider a trade as well. Mizzen + Main, Made in the US, Trim Medium [[SPOILER]]  Marzeillo by Borrelli, 16.5 [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]  Woolrich Tweed Jacket, Small Men's  [[SPOILER]] x2 Polo Estate Shirts for Cost+Shipping [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
Yup, understood.
This. And this. But I'm also pretty sure that warrant of merchantability doesn't apply here because the product is exactly what you describe (ie new boots with the descriptors as photos; for instance, he didn't purchase the product blindly, and should have understood fit issues prior to his purchasing the product). This also the reason why I always state that I sell items "as-is" within my listings.
    It seems off (came across my saved searches two days ago). Plus is it appears to have some considerable damage to the inside and even, perhaps, the integrity of the jacket.
It's the flare on the pants that I can't get over.
I didn't match today for the sake of staying warm.
Savile Row Pieces suck. Break out the Armani...
Mizzen+Main, Medium [[SPOILER]]  Morziello by Borrelli, I'm thinking around a 16 [[SPOILER]]  E.Z. [[SPOILER]] E.Z., 17 [[SPOILER]] BB Slim Fit [[SPOILER]] BB Slim Fit [[SPOILER]]
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