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 Awesome! I just missed the sale. I was super bummed.Thanks bro! I am not sure. I haven't tried them on and can't read that script, but they look to be in the 10.5 range.
I need to start googling.
  Bullshit, now ebay has found the case in the buyer's favor.
^^Going to Atlantic City tonight wanted to get these in before the two monsters hauls came.
Church's? Help? Size? Help?  [[SPOILER]] Ben Silver [[SPOILER]] Brioni 40R [[SPOILER]] NWT Bills Parker Pant Size 37 [[SPOILER]] NWT Bills FF Short Size 32 [[SPOILER]] x3 RLBL Squares [[SPOILER]]
I want to keep the one I found but it's too big.
Yeah, I'm not sure, never really have cases opened against me, although I do cite that I do not accept returns. But the first rep told me to cite unresponsive buyer and the reference number to the rep who I would speak to on Friday and they would escalate it in me favor.
^^I like that better, but s/s popover.
It's pretty ridiculous. How do you react to a situation like that? It's no wonder why Amazon Marketplace is #1. At least they have consistent policy regardless of anything ill feelings towards them. And no, I do not accept returns.
Very frustrated with eBay (who isn't sometimes). Spoke to three customer service reps. The discussion I had with the first wasn't properly noted, something that I asked upon ending the conversation, and when I provided the other reps the reference number, they assured be that only the reference number existed. Again, the original customer service rep told me to call ebay on Friday, they would escalate the case and find in my favor (something sounds clearly like buyer's...
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