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What are the chances I have my first ever negative feedback removed?   In short, guy states the outside of the front pockets are messed up, and I have two pictures clearly showing that they are in fact not messed up. Am I screwed?
Honestly, that is an interesting point. I wonder if she sends employees out to search for items or if she is strictly in the consignment business. I would make sense considering her relatively close proximity.
  This is an interesting question. The individual that I am referring to looks like a new "flipper" in town. Seriously flying through racks with ferocity. He pulled out all of the tags on the sport coats only to leave the DK, which looks like St. Andrews to me, and a JAB Made in Mexico by Zegna. Now, if I were a flipper and pulling out all of the tags, I would think to remember what all of them look like and would definitely pick up the JAB, since it looked like an orphan...
Yeah pretty sure it would be considered a diamond jacquard.
It's almost like a jacquard pattern. OR perhaps I would call it a diamond jacquard.
Dear guy frantically flipping through the suit rack checking every label, relax. Some items you will have to take a closer look at, some you won't. Not sure if it was one of you all I saw, but I wouldn't be surprised from the way this individual was hitting the rack. Advice: there were a lot of suits/sport coats/blazers on the rack. If you aren't comfortable with the "feel test," there are a couple of ways I would make my way through the rack. If those of you aren't...
     http://anaffordablewardrobe.blogspot.com/2013/06/whats-in-name-answer.html ^^Nat, get at me if that gold and light blue Ben Silver is available!
Been had nwt PRPS denimz?     [[SPOILER]] Been wearing same tie in different colors (but for serious, I am actually wearing that tie today)
Explain PRPS to me. I found a pair, they felt like sandpaper, which was fine because they were nwt and sold for $100, but the quality wasn't all that impressive.
 Yeah $35 shipped. I felt that was a fair price. I barraged the dude with questions, the pictures were kind of terrible, including the side wall, and there was no mention of Made in "England" anywhere; I guess he updated that. I like them, they are in great shape, and thank you to the thread? and my own research over the years to know that the pictures of the sidewall were Loake lasts and recent, so I didn't get a pair of CT Made in India semi-crap.
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