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  You guys aren't even on my level of thrift....
Thanks Linda!! **And to increase to two over pnut.
Awesome VTG Pow 3 piece up for grabs, 38-40R [[SPOILER]]
Got out today for the first time in a few months actually. Didn't find anything noteworthy. But had some of the below in back log that I hadn't the opportunity to photo. Great finds by MOST lately, just caught up on the thread a few days ago as well. Nice to see some new guys sticking around also. All spoilered except a nice receipt for some of the end finds. One question, can anyone i.d. the suedes? I would like to know what I have on my feet.  [[SPOILER]]
Honestly, I  own both, and I see no differences. So what is false in name, is not false in quality. ...I don't think anyone would mind.
I think they are Sanders. No?
Great trade for me as well! Right back at you! I don't think you ask so many questions.  I've been done/probably will continue to be done thrifting for a while, unfortunately. I think I know him...
That would have been a great pickup for some Diana, I hear that is pretty expensive. Oh well is right. I have my eyes on these \/\/ so no one go after them. I call dibs.  http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWT-TOMAS-MAIER-MEN-Beige-Drawstring-Bikini-Bottoms-Bathing-Suit-Sz-M-/380880415162?pt=US_CSA_MC_Swimwear&hash=item58ae3de9ba
    FU guys, I've been watching those since listed.
Up for trade if anyone is interested. US size L.  [[SPOILER]]
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