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Just curious, where are the folds on that Harry Rosen? Better pic for future reference on kopping?
Yes. Koala T told me to chill out and just roll with it because it's going to happen anyway. Did you really copy that from the i.d. thread?
Quote:Originally Posted by jdrizzy D&g denim Blazer for 28 dollars in size 40. Bad pass? Bad pass. Probably looking around 80-100.
 I had these on my watch list as well. But I purchased some mason's shorts from her that were tagged 33, 34 and were actually a 36.Why?
This is more what I was trying to get at, however, this is definitely more tactful. @spoopoker don't lump me in with that....I'm just saying, I come here to learn and trade and buy and brag and do more learning and talk to people with the same interests. Do I flip finds on eBay? Yes. Do I ask the flip value of every item I find? No. Do I ask questions when I've exhausted all options and can figure out a shoe maker? Yes. Do I ask about shoe makers found on the first page of...
  There is a difference. You guys are good dudes, looking for an education and schooling others in clothing. Not here to ask how much something is worth, or where to find the best resources for this or for that in relationship to selling clothing. It gets tired. You post your finds here without any mention of ebay. For all we know, if we didn't know you that is, you could just love taking pictures of cool clothing and then re donating the clothes, because you don't solicit...
^^not sure where you see a get off my lawn post... also pretty sure you have no idea what I do with my thrift finds so you really have no room to talk, but f you want to say something to me, do it via pm because I'm sure people hate the direction I'm taking the thread right now..
 Not sure what's confusing about it. Abstract:Bragging thread. Tons of flip talk. New guys asking for books on consignment/selling on ebay. Do some research yourself. Flashback; I remember the days of being a new guy, but don't remember the flip talk being so obnoxious. Again, do research yourself. The End.
  Wouldn't that be just flipping in general? It's a bragging thread. I'm sure I've violated it in the past but I don't ask too often. Rarely since I began here in 2011. I don't mind it every now and then but it's getting a little obnoxious. Do you think I should price the khaki colored J. Crew Ludlow jacket I am wearing at 77.63 or 89.87? Wow, you guys are making so much money, should I start to flip? Send me your guide. Do you have any flip or consignment books I can...
I think that if we continue to talk about flipping, it wouldn't hurt to just say eBay, as opposed to saying the "site that has no name." It isn't cryptic or mysterious because everyone on here knows what you are referring. Additionally, it's more annoying than just saying eBay. #endrant   @Doomsticks, I think those are a good buy at $70 if they are something you've wanted for a while. What is $70 compared to $270? I purchased some Brooks Brothers Chukkas by Rancourt for...
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