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Cucinelli replaced stafford as the most found brand in thrift stores. Black Fleece suits suddenly became affordable. And people are starting to open their secret santas. That was a strange experience. She offered me a proxy for like 4 or 5 Zegna shirts then sent me an invoice for like $125.  
That looks like a pretty fun three piece pants suit.
Sorry man, those are fake. So, you don't need cash after all!
 You stole my huntsman?!   Wow man! That's legit. I would love to find anything that isn't Brooks Brothers, at best, out of those stores now. There isn't anything better than flat fronts in staple grey...unless they are grey flat front and flannel!
No clue. Really like the t-shirt, really love New Jersey, don't care so much for the boss, however.
What's your eBay user id?
[[SPOILER]] I'm not a huge fan of the mainline. I used to be, and I've thrifted their forever but the prices are just too high now. Great find on that Kiton. Discount store finds. BB Madras 40 [[SPOILER]] Rag and Bone Henley [[SPOILER]]  Rag and Bone Thermal Henley [[SPOILER]] For me! Super Cheap Buy one get one free Engineered Garments 96% cashmere ties [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
Happy Thanksgiving guys! Polo Heavy Flannel Size 34 [[SPOILER]] Polo Flannel Size 32 [[SPOILER]] Sulka/St. Andrews Size 36 [[SPOILER]]  Purple Label Size 36 [[SPOILER]] Incotex Cords Size 38-40 [[SPOILER]] J. Crew Selvage Size 30 [[SPOILER]] Bills Bullard Khaki Size 34 [[SPOILER]]
I may have thrifted a huntsman today that fits a 38R.
    I am a 36-38, depending, and I have just about never found any jacket or suit that's fit me well. So, when I am in stores, thrfiting, I look for styles that I like, as opposed to just high end stuff. Some of my first thfiting mistakes involve me purchasing and attempting to tailor clothes that I really had no business with, just because they were "name brands." Currently, one of my favorite and go to suits is a Boss Black label suit in charcoal. Is it the best quality...
New Posts  All Forums: