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Good to have you back, bro! And probably, I bought it all for me and I think we'd be pretty close in size on casual wear. They had tons more. People were just not buying it. Most of it was 9.90 or less, but I did pay up for one pair of black selvage at 14.90.
No, man. Mine were from the for profit thrift store.
OH YEAH. And I forgot...I picked up a bag full of selvage denim and some uniqloxMB stuff and uniqlo for pittance. $80 for their largest bag full of clothing. For me of course. Boom.
Oh yeah... Kiton [[SPOILER]]  All Available
Lands End Knit  [[SPOILER]]  Chipp [[SPOILER]]  Aran Crafts Sweater XXL [[SPOILER]]  Polo Country 32x34 [[SPOILER]]  Canali Exclusive Size 36 [[SPOILER]]  Armani Size 34 [[SPOILER]]  EZ Cotton Sz 38 [[SPOILER]]  Burberry SC 42R [[SPOILER]]
I have most of them saved in my mind. 
Thanks dude! That's what I suspected; they came with a pair of florsheims that were a 10D. Boots are sick though, so I wanted to make sure I marketed them properly. [[SPOILER]]
Can anyone tell me what size these are?? Shoes are Asos. Thanks in advance.    
^^Cantarelli....nice feet
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