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^^ Boss is real, just older.
Would you be interested in swapping nwt rlpl or rlbl for nwt rlbl ?? I picked up 3 blue nwt squares at TJ Maxx yesterday.
Thanks bro.
What would you guys call this? [[SPOILER]]
NWT PRL Polo XXL [[SPOILER]] Lorenzini Size 17 [[SPOILER]] Boss Polo [[SPOILER]] Burberry London Size Large [[SPOILER]] Some kind of cool PRL Rugby B/D Shirt [[SPOILER]] x2 Diesal Ts Size Large
  Did we ever confirm this, 100%?
Yeah, my grandfather needs some. PM me!
Yeah? I have no clue? The return doesn't bother me. I'm sure there are thousands of discrepancies regarding measurements a year, hell, probably a month. So no big deal his measurement differed from mine. It was just alarming that not only did he open a case immediately, but he called me a liar and demanded return shipping. How do I proceed in a situation like that? Call him a liar back. Usually, if someone contacted me I would just refund and move on, but there is...
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