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OK, so proof of condition is a thing right? For example, to my question above where I have pictures of the pockets in good condition, when the buyer leaves me negative for the outside of the pockets being in bad condition?
Yeah, and they generally aren't particularly well made either, but to each his own.
Wes, those are real.
Side view and interior tag of the ice creams? They do fake them, but they look right from here. EDIT: And underneath if you can.
    I used basically the only dibs I've ever called....
 I would also guess AS. It would seem there is a new flipper the way he was going through racks checking labels. Profile: 5'9" portly fellow around my age. Check your email.
No, he said he wanted to keep the item after I offered him a refund and payment for return shipping.
     Yeah, not sure why we're having this discussion. To me Brioni=instakop Beat me to it. But those are awesome. Would be interested in the story behind them as well.
What are the chances I have my first ever negative feedback removed?   In short, guy states the outside of the front pockets are messed up, and I have two pictures clearly showing that they are in fact not messed up. Am I screwed?
Honestly, that is an interesting point. I wonder if she sends employees out to search for items or if she is strictly in the consignment business. I would make sense considering her relatively close proximity.
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