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Wimmenz? [[SPOILER]]
really? I've never seen Tailorbyrd in the thread. Maybe I missed it.
Sick finds! Haven't posted much lately so the following is mostly fodder from one day.  [[SPOILER]]
Hi, all. I've been on a little bit of a hiatus in terms of extracurricular activities lately, which included a break from thrifting. Unfortunately my car of 9.5 years decided that it was time to retire itself, so I picked up a new set of thrifting wheels that I've shared in a picture below:       It's great to see all of the excellent hauls lately as well. The finds are way better now than when I began on the thread a few years ago.
Thanks! Will call eBay again tomorrow. That will be the third time. It's pretty absurd considering the buyer hasn't even contacted me in ten days. 50/50 on having the item returned to me.
Honestly, screw eBay. Now I am going to lose TRS and am going to incur another defect for something that isn't even my fault. Sounds fair.
I'm happy that rich got what he wanted but I'm unhappy that I am the one that didn't find it an send it his way. Why should I feel any differently?
Haha! After all that shit talking I did and the ebay customer service rep fed me...I lost the case. I am sour and embarrassed. Dr. Livingston... That is all.
Mother effer. Must have missed that one.
 Just curious, what was the location of the user? I found two NOS Sulka items with the same tags.
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