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Explain PRPS to me. I found a pair, they felt like sandpaper, which was fine because they were nwt and sold for $100, but the quality wasn't all that impressive.
 Yeah $35 shipped. I felt that was a fair price. I barraged the dude with questions, the pictures were kind of terrible, including the side wall, and there was no mention of Made in "England" anywhere; I guess he updated that. I like them, they are in great shape, and thank you to the thread? and my own research over the years to know that the pictures of the sidewall were Loake lasts and recent, so I didn't get a pair of CT Made in India semi-crap.
Got some crappy pics of some stuff I thrifted. Haven't posted in a while. Back to the grind. CT Loake UK10 Bought for myselfRLPL   [[SPOILER]]  E-thrift $9.83RLPL Small   [[SPOILER]]  For me e-thrifts Actual ThriftsPolo 39-33 [[SPOILER]]  Zegna EU48 suit [[SPOILER]] Zegna EU48 Suit [[SPOILER]] Polo Ties Belvest [[SPOILER]] Northface   [[SPOILER]] Bills   [[SPOILER]] Polo 33/30 [[SPOILER]] BB   [[SPOILER]]  Altea, Zegna Boss [[SPOILER]]  Zegna Linen 36 [[SPOILER]]  Loro...
I picked a terrible/great day to catch up on the thread...WTF IS GOING ON!?
Some of the silver is made by Zegna as well, although I have never seen the regular sig by Zegna.
 Hit me up next time. Wow what size is the waist on that thing?!   
Can't find it am I missing something??
NWT Linen [[SPOILER]] PS London POLO [[SPOILER]] @Fueco ...so close!NOS Size Medium [[SPOILER]]    BoO Small [[SPOILER]] Barbour Large [[SPOILER]] PS London 16.5 [[SPOILER]]
Yes, my bid.
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