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This thread is mental.
Sanyo, XXL, Black Trench, Nwot [[SPOILER]] Sanyo, XL, Cashmere/Silk Blend Jacket [[SPOILER]]  Rugby, S [[SPOILER]]  Southwick Blazer, 44R [[SPOILER]] Recent BR, 44R [[SPOILER]]  APC Selvedge 34 [[SPOILER]] NWT Versace Collection Polo, XL fits like a M [[SPOILER]]
Haha! Thanks, man. It was a tough pick up for me based on principle. I'm an Eagles fan. But I listed and sold it within 10 hours.
Gant Rugger, Madras, S [[SPOILER]] EZ Linen XXL [[SPOILER]] EZ, XL [[SPOILER]] Burberry L/S, XXL [[SPOILER]] Burberry, M [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]] Adrian Jules Custom Cashmere, Around a 42-44 [[SPOILER]] Burberry, 40R [[SPOILER]]
All NWT, discount store at thrift prices. [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
The Pan-Europ with the blue face is on my want list. My grandfather used to wear a hamilton so I have a soft spot for them.
 Just took in a vintage hamilton for a service, was quoted a pretty absurd price in my opinion. I went through with it anyway, the watch is beautiful. I also have a gold bulova tank watch from the 1940's that I had maintained about 8 years ago for $175. Still running strong. I love vintage pieces as well.
The first item I thrifted was a rec league t shirt. Thought it was so trendy.One of those ten minute days. I guess that means I'm not one of the boys anymore . Prada Shirt [[SPOILER]]  Kamakura [[SPOILER]] Ralph Lauren Black Label Velvet Pants [[SPOILER]] Incotex Flannel [[SPOILER]]  APC [[SPOILER]] EZ Su Misura [[SPOILER]]  x2 RLPL by Chester Barrie Suits, first one custom [[SPOILER]]
If it was an orphan, you did the right thing.
EZ Moleskin Cashco [[SPOILER]] J Brand Brunello Cucinelli Unfortunately Stained but Cheap--spot treating now [[SPOILER]]  Everlane OCBD [[SPOILER]] For Me x3 NWT BB    [[SPOILER]]  And my best goes out to Brian's friends and family.
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