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I don't think he is trying to scam me (he has 100% feedback), I just think he is uneducated about this particular piece of clothing. However, while giving the buyer the benefit of the doubt, he led pretty strongly with some demeaning latin phrases while also stating his title of M.D., obviously within the first line of the message. id: vweam
Sold an item to a buyer who is now claiming fake. I have 3 solid pieces of evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt, that support authenticity. Wrote the buyer a polite message explaining as much. If shit hits the fan and he escalates a case, what are the chances I win given that I have provided the buyer, through and ebay message, three pieces of ample evidence?
 They are wool blends but a few pairs I found to be of good value are Uniqlo and the Gap tailored fit, only recommend  Gap because they can be had for around $20 on clearance. Well worth it.
Nothing crazy, one quick stop today.  [[SPOILER]]
Pretty sure "Prorsum" is the equivalent to trademark, which is why it has a place on many Burberry garments.   
Wouldn't tailor it either unless it already fit, because it looks like an orphan.
Your Burberrys jacket is from the 90s. Prorsum didn't come out until the 2000's.
Just one:True NWOT  [[SPOILER]]
One store on Wednesday, nothing mind-blowing but a couple of cool finds. NOS Sulka Cashmere Blazer 41L-Unfortunately it has a small nibble [[SPOILER]]  NOS Sulka Flannel Trousers 34 [[SPOILER]]  Paul Stuart Cashmere Blend Flannel Trousers--Horn Button is pretty cool-- Size 36 [[SPOILER]]  Canali Puppytooth Size 34  [[SPOILER]]  Ancient Madder [[SPOILER]]  Liberty [[SPOILER]]
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