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Ahh, that sucks too small.
Yes? Inseam?
[[SPOILER]] I found a Made in Italy for some store yesterday. Very strange, the makers tag was Belvest, but not like any Belvest I've seen. All kinds of zippers on the pockets, different shades, weird. No point to this, but awesome find on that jacket!
Same buyer as all of the drama I discussed a few pages back just accused me of holding feedback hostage.  
You're going to fit in great here. Everyone thinks they're an expert.
 Awesome! I just missed the sale. I was super bummed.Thanks bro! I am not sure. I haven't tried them on and can't read that script, but they look to be in the 10.5 range.
I need to start googling.
  Bullshit, now ebay has found the case in the buyer's favor.
^^Going to Atlantic City tonight wanted to get these in before the two monsters hauls came.
Church's? Help? Size? Help?  [[SPOILER]] Ben Silver [[SPOILER]] Brioni 40R [[SPOILER]] NWT Bills Parker Pant Size 37 [[SPOILER]] NWT Bills FF Short Size 32 [[SPOILER]] x3 RLBL Squares [[SPOILER]]
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