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Hey, Brian. I'm not sure you could have made this anymore clear. Thank you for your brief, concise, response. (no sarcasm intended)
You are so, incredibly, whiny. I'm sure there's another thread for that. However, you should take your own advice and rather than psycho-analyze and critique my opinion, openly, come down of your "high horse." So, to impart another opinion because @Jompso has so graciously afforded me the right to do so...dude, sometimes, just stfu.
 Not sure if serious. It says Cantarelli spa right on the tag. What am I missing?Dude, there is a time to just stfu.
Have some nice ties going this week. Including this gem:     http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-Luigi-Borrelli-Napoli-Silk-Neck-Tie-Multicolor-Handmade-Made-in-Italy-235-/400848600383?pt=US_Mens_Ties&hash=item5d54703d3f
Any info for a problem like this:  
Brevity is his strength. Didn't you read his, maybe 2nd, post today?
Not sure that's the case... http://6abc.com/finance/saving-with-6abc-shop-lindas-stuff/342274/
I picked up a BB5 that was a 15.25" neck and 40" chest.  And @Jompso I'm not sure if Caruso is still producing in Japan, but I think the tag you have there is before the most current, however, I could be very wrong.
Caruso bought a Japanese apparel company. Someone on the forum references finding Dunhill made by Caruso for a f/w line made in 2005.
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