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Just listed 6 Stefano Ricci shirts amongst some other great items. Also have this excellent Kiton tie listed:     http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kiton-Napoli-7-Fold-Necktie-Tie-Purple-Lavender-Paisley-Made-in-Italy-PERFECT-/400966501303?hash=item5d5b7743b7
   Thanks bros! It's been out of commission for a while. I finally got around to taking it in last month. Very glad I did! If anyone has info on some good brown leather NATO straps, I would be interested in hearing. I think a NATO strap would look great on this watch.
Went to goodwill today, but this was the highlight. Picked up my watch from getting an overhaul...     And that Huntsman is an awesome first post, it's Chester Barrie btw.
Nice! I think spoo found a couple of those as well.  Thanks! If you would do me a favor and pm me on how to rock them, I'd be much obliged.
Good to have you back, bro! And probably, I bought it all for me and I think we'd be pretty close in size on casual wear. They had tons more. People were just not buying it. Most of it was 9.90 or less, but I did pay up for one pair of black selvage at 14.90.
No, man. Mine were from the for profit thrift store.
OH YEAH. And I forgot...I picked up a bag full of selvage denim and some uniqloxMB stuff and uniqlo for pittance. $80 for their largest bag full of clothing. For me of course. Boom.
Oh yeah... Kiton [[SPOILER]]  All Available
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