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Yeah, I mean, you put effort and time into taking pictures, inspecting items, measuring items, listing items, packing items, and shipping items to screw buyers out of  $40. It makes perfect sense.
 I thought chests measured anywhere from two to four inches larger? I posted without seeing Fueco's measurements anyway.Yeah, I think you did everything you could. Tag size and measure? You've basically exhausted your options. You might as well send it to the buyer for a pre-purchase fitting? You are suitsupply right?
In theory, yeah, but in reality it's more like a 43. Although...this is DIRECTLY from ebay http://www.ebay.com/gds/Size-conversion-chart-for-US-UK-EUROPEAN-clothing-shoes-/10000000002181633/g.html
Never been! Only seen them on TV I suppose. What's the fit like? Too slim?
Yeah, the surf line is awesome! I was checking out and drooling over some of their knitwear as well. Thanks again for checking!
Ahh, that sucks too small.
Yes? Inseam?
[[SPOILER]] I found a Made in Italy for some store yesterday. Very strange, the makers tag was Belvest, but not like any Belvest I've seen. All kinds of zippers on the pockets, different shades, weird. No point to this, but awesome find on that jacket!
Same buyer as all of the drama I discussed a few pages back just accused me of holding feedback hostage.  
You're going to fit in great here. Everyone thinks they're an expert.
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