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Still looking for a black grenadine for myself. But now I have these to trade. Would be interested in a 1 for 1.  
I didn't want to say anything in case I got burned on these (they were $40 for both), but I didn't.   [[SPOILER]]
 The buyer just sent me a message, he was really confused. Didn't understand how I could just let him have an item. Told me to just refund the glue money. I refunded him the entirety anyway, told him again not to worry about it. Had the same thing happen over the summer. The condition of the item I had was awesome, it literally looked like it came right off of the store shelf. I played down the condition however just to be safe. Buyer negged me, told me the outside of the...
I know it's more of an entry level piece, but I basically live in my Hamilton. I wear it to work, I wear it casually, I wear it when lifting boxes/moving, I helped push a van out of a giant mud pit during the downpour last weekend and was wearing it then.
I disagree. IWC generally uses ETA movements with a little bit of their own configuration. You have to get into more of the higher end designs to achieve that movement that is really special. IWCs are awesome though, don't get me wrong.
 I will know for next time, the quality wasn't all that though. I guess I am a watch freak? But no, never found anything not worthy.600? What model? or did I miss that in your post.
So I screwed up. Buyer purchased an item and I noticed a small hole upon packing. I try to do three thorough inspections but the fabric and design was in a way that the hole was in a strange spot and very difficult to see. I packaged the item and shipped in anyway, and in a long long message told the buyer to message me when he received the item (for usps purposes) and I would refund him in full, and he could keep the item.   He responded with this message today : "Well,...
   I remember when I had buttons for nipples, it was a rough patch in my life.Yeah, that's why I ask, they weren't spectacular, but not terrible either. Just looked like a normal pair of raw or one wash straight denim. $30 a pop. Although, @troikathe tag did say KATO'
Passed on two pairs of denim at the rack, mistake?
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