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My status is showing standard because I am 28/35 in transactions validated by the carrier, which is bs considering I walk every item into the post office personally, within the handling time, to get the process started. Pretty pissed off about it because I am going to lose my top rated seller status. Also, a quick vent, I must have a target when entering the post office. I've had two postal employees pretty argumentative with me for basically no reason. First, I brought in...
Story. A couple of years ago before I started selling on eBay, if I wanted a good meal, I would check the barbs out on the "premium jeans" at Goodwill, would wait for them to go 50% off (when Goodwill had 50% off), pick them up for $2 a pop and bring them to PC. The girl at PC would always feel so bad for me when she could only offer me $8-10 a pair , but its cool because I would bring them 3-5 pairs a week for a $20 profit. She didn't know that though...
Good question. But it's the same store where I've found Rag and Bone and BoO in the past.
Got some great news from the dr. this morning so decided to try my luck at the Plato's Closet next door. One item, but glad I did.  [[SPOILER]]
BR Safari 30x32 [[SPOILER]]
+1. Are those buttons wood??
BR Safari Clothing, available for cost+shipping  [[SPOILER]] Hackett [[SPOILER]] Surface to Air Selvedge [[SPOILER]] Bills [[SPOILER]] Oxxford [[SPOILER]] Zegna [[SPOILER]]
  Hope it worked out!  You guys should just fight...
   Seriously dude? This could get ugly quickly but I'm feeling nice today.
  Thanks for the info! I like the jacket quite a bit. Unfortunately it is just too big.
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