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Couple of items just went up for auction. Highlights include Ferragamo cap toes, Allen Edmonds brogues, and a Tom Ford pocket square.     Found here:
Took a couple of items to auction including some Alden shell for Brooks Brothers and this Tom Ford square:     LINK HERE
Just listed two pairs of Alden Shell. One pair NWB! Found here:    
Have about 60+ items coming periodically throughout the week. Here's one I just listed:
 Check these for pee stains. I've never found anything in the women's racks.Seems like ever since they changed hands.
I think I had something to do with starting this pleat conversation. I'm back... PSA on sneakers check out your local sports authorities gentleman. Shoes are 20-40% off. I don't anticipate any of the good ones to last. Especially if you're a sports type of guy; cleats can be had for $10-20.  I like how you always sign off. Just adds a little something to your post. Sometimes just want to clear the space fast. If someone is willing to buy it out it could be easier than to...
I like your pot/kettle.
Remember...check the width and rise.
Have some decent stuff up this week; a couple of pairs of selvage denim including this crispy pair of APC's ( ).
The gorge is a little low but I would pick them up for personal use if cheap and your size. I'm not against pleats. I purchased a NWT BBGF suit from a few seasons ago from another member that has pleats. They aren't deep or egregious and the suit looks rather good on me. I would, however, be mindful of the pants of this suit in terms of their width around the legs.  Pleats are apparently back.+1
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