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when does the RG sale start? there are a few items on sale, but the w+h down jacket they specifically mention in their sale post is still regular price.
try #twitterGBP
I just made a buy for 6 w+h items, all came in at 40% off.Also, Ive ordered from them before and didnt get hit with any duty coming over the border (into canada)
Its a mid weight jacket that ive worn in the winter with a layer underneath.
I have a couple Krane pieces, and theyre incredible. I wait all year to wear my Emory. Theyre worth every penny.
I'd proxy something at Nomad this weekend but with taxes and shipping you wouldnt save that much: $250 item - 20% = $200 $200 + 13% tax = $226 + proxy & shipping and youd be right up next to $250 anyways.
Theyre not heavy or particularly warm. Ive had two for about a year, they look nice and theyre holding up fine, but theyre insanely overrated.
If anyones proxying the sample sale PM me. Im looking for any past season cowichans sz M.
Bought this direct from W+H during their limited run. I believe they made only 5 of each size. Retail price was $650ish I believe. $325 > $300 > $275 > $260 > $240 Chest: 23" Length: 31.25" Sleeve: 37" +4%/gift. Includes shipping to Canada + $5 to the US, overseas contact me.
If you have 5 days and youre interested in shopping go to Rome. You wont be able to see half of what Rome has to offer in just 5 days but theres plenty of shopping. If you want a change of scenery: take a day trip up to Pompeii. Or take 2 days, fly/drive/train up to Venice, spend the night and head back. If money is no object, call a travel agent and tell them what youre interested in (shopping, history, beaches). If you want to keep an eye on the costs and since you...
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