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If anyones interested, I can get a hold of a bunch of wine & navy overdye bds and long sleeve overdye shirts: & this (except long sleeve) Retail on the BDs is $165, on the LSs is $89. I can get them for $115, and $60. Shipping will be on top of that. Im going to grab a few for myself this weekend, if anyone wants in, PM me.
Okay you're right, I was just kidding about that.But seriously I just checked and youve been pre-approved for a $500,000 loan at 0% interest with no annual fees. So if youll just send me all your personal and banking info and a copy of your signature, Ill get you signed right up. I pinky swear its true this time.
Also, I have a magic 'make your penis longer' pill that I can sell direct to you for the low low price of only $250. Its a million percent legit, so you have to believe me.
Yo OP, I think were related. Im a wealthy banker from Lagos, Nigeria, and for reasons I cant get into here, I have $23104981209 that I need you to access for me. If you'll just send me $1000 and your SIN # Ill split the cash with you.
Looks like it fits similarly (long), a medium measures 28" shoulder to hem. Im loving the limbo henley, but pricey just shy of $200Those two pics are from Need Supply btw
Ive got a stark sz M in black melange in the B&S thats too long for me. Unworn with tags.
thanks for the heads up. Ive got about 10 items added to my card and it only applied a discount to one so far. Ill check back periodically.
Currently the code is only working on Final Sale items.
Unfortunately this its too long for me. Brand new with the tags still attached. Tried on once and back in the shipping bag. Length (Shoulder to Hem): 28" Pit to Pit: 18" Sleeve (Top of shoulder to End): 26" Shoulders: 16" $275 > $250 +4%/gift. Includes shipping to North America, overseas contact me.
Buyers remorse. Missed out on the bomber a few years ago, so I picked this up when it came out. Now I realize I don't need a 3234245th bomber taking up room in my closet. Would sell or trade for the WH x HR fishtail either color. $525 > $500 > $475 Brand new with tags, tried on once and put back in the box I received it in. +4%/gift. Includes shipping to Canada + $5 to the US, overseas contact me.
New Posts  All Forums: