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have you tried on the w&h shoes?i wear an 8.5 in chucks and ive got 2 pairs of the w&h sz 42 and they fit the same.
42 or 43.
If anyones interested, I can get a hold of a bunch of wine & navy overdye bds and long sleeve overdye shirts: & this (except long sleeve) Retail on the BDs is $165, on the LSs is $89. I can get them for $115, and $60. Shipping will be on top of that. Im going to grab a few for myself this weekend, if anyone wants in, PM me.
Okay you're right, I was just kidding about that.But seriously I just checked and youve been pre-approved for a $500,000 loan at 0% interest with no annual fees. So if youll just send me all your personal and banking info and a copy of your signature, Ill get you signed right up. I pinky swear its true this time.
Also, I have a magic 'make your penis longer' pill that I can sell direct to you for the low low price of only $250. Its a million percent legit, so you have to believe me.
Yo OP, I think were related. Im a wealthy banker from Lagos, Nigeria, and for reasons I cant get into here, I have $23104981209 that I need you to access for me. If you'll just send me $1000 and your SIN # Ill split the cash with you.
Looks like it fits similarly (long), a medium measures 28" shoulder to hem. Im loving the limbo henley, but pricey just shy of $200Those two pics are from Need Supply btw
Ive got a stark sz M in black melange in the B&S thats too long for me. Unworn with tags.
thanks for the heads up. Ive got about 10 items added to my card and it only applied a discount to one so far. Ill check back periodically.
Currently the code is only working on Final Sale items.
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