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Anyone know a place with the white leather lows still in stock?
Brand new never worn, still has all the tags attached. Retail is $460. Knit cardigan. Made in a soft merino wool, narrow sleeves, slim silhouette with the embroidered CDG logo. A super soft knit to match with anything and sits perfect under a jacket. Knitted in Japan. Measurements: Pit to Pit: 21" Length (from mid way between shoulder and neck): 26.75" Sleeve Length (shoulder to end): 27" +4%/gift. Includes shipping to North America.
Brand new with tags. $160 > $150 > $125 Waist: 16.75" Front Rise (to seam, not bottom): 10.25" Back Rise: 14.75" Thigh: 12.25" Knee: 8.25" Leg Opening: 7.75" +4%/gift. Includes shipping.
We will be gutting the kitchen and bathrooms (bathrooms not shown in the listing because they were horrible), and we've been playing around with the idea of ripping out the railings as well.
Sorry, to clarify; we just purchased the place and the images above are pictures from the listing not our furniture. We'll have a clean slate to work with.
I just bought an old home that were going to be renovating over the next few months. We've just begun planning and are looking for any design ideas, fixtures or furniture suggestions, or books/mags/blogs where we might find some ideas. We want to go for a rustic canadian industrial vibe with a slight modern twist if that makes any sense. Worn/reclaimed woods, dull metals (no chrome) without any ornate old fashioned details. Here are some pics of the place currently, we...
anyone know any place that has the white leather low sneakers in 41 left?
Really into this, makes me want to add the DR as my 3rd TOJ.
There are now a number of lines: Prps (made in Japan), Prps heirloom (made in US) and PRPS Goods & Co (China). The vast majority of PRPS are not selvedge, and those pairs that are, are mostly not purple. The first few seasons one rinse Impala selvedge did have purple selvedge, but most from then on didnt. Also, the impala fit is discontinues, and PRPS has always been about the distressing. What website did you order from?
I think a 42 will be too tight, you need a 43. If you buy a pair of shoes that are a half size too big, its no big deal, put an insole in.
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