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Been worn a handful of times. In like new condition. Its tagged L, but fits like a standard medium. +4% / PayPal gift
Brand new with tags Retail: $625 Asking: $290 + shipping. +4% / PayPal gift
Wings + Horns Wine Static Long Sleeve sz M BNWT $60 Wings + Horns Blue Static Long Sleeve sz M BNWOT $60 +4% / PayPal gift
Brand new with tags. Made in Japan. Retail: $575 Asking: $250 > $225 > $200 + shipping. Comes with Wtaps envelope. +4% / PayPal gift
various sizes in various colorways, if youre interested in something specific, let me know.
Various sizes from last season in the following color ways: White Highs White Lows Grey (Stone) Highs Grey (Stone) Lows Blue Lows $225 for the lows $250 for the highs + $12.50 shipping to NA. PP gift / +3.5%
Here you go:http://www.clothingbrigade.com/products/wings-horns-zip-front-hoodie-1
Brand new. They come in the box, wrapped in a plastic bag from the factory, with the dust bag and an extra pair of blue laces. The previous seasons didnt have an extra set. I bought these but unfortunately they fit a tad too small. They were worn in the house for a few mins before I gave up on them. I have the black/black lows and the black/white highs from last season in the same size and they fit snug (could have jumped to a 42 but prefer my shoes on the tight side)....
Anyone know any other online stores that sell the w+h shoes? Been having a hard time finding my size in diff colorways. Already checked roden gray, nomad & haven.
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