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Quote: Originally Posted by DeltaKingdomb Excellent learn, I simply passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little analysis on that. spammers are now just trying to get people to eat cabbage soup?
- Prices dont include shipping - PayPal Gift / +4% ----- Krane Cyril Flight Jacket Sz 38 Retail: $1000 Asking: $old ----- Wings + Horns Glen Check M65 Sz L From the limited edition run of 4 larges a couple years ago. It has been worn a couple times, but its a bit too big for me so it mostly just sat in the closet. There is a tiny Theres a tiny stain on the arm about a cm in diameter that could probably be cleaned out. Retail: $600 Asking: $400 > $375 >...
The link doesnt work, but that URL is correct. Just type that in.
did you mean yours is without elbow patches?
I've been to chernobyl & pripyat and it was incredible, nature has completely overtaken the site. What used to be the main square now has full grown trees growing through the concrete. It looks like a scene from a disaster movie. The silence coupled with the visual was eerie. I didnt see too much animal life, but I did notice birds nesting in the openings of the reactor 4 vault.
my meal at yellowtail was one of the best ive ever had.
Cant find the blue brushed cotton flannel sz M anywhere. Anyone seen one recently?
One of my favorite restaurants is Veronas on King West. Ive never had a bad meal there, and prices are more than reasonable, sub $100+tip for dinner, drinks, apps for 2.
Unlike an RCA or coax cables which are analog, HDMI is digital (transmits a series of 1s and 0s) so it either works perfectly or it doesnt work at all. None are better than another. Some may fit more snugly, or be made of a higher grade plastic coating, but the signal wont look any better between a $10 monoprice cable and a $200 monster cable.
fake. also can tell its fake because of the sloppy work on teh inside of the fly, and the rivets are donut shaped. they should be flat.
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