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they are not selvedge.
Last drop.
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I've been on tour in Russia a couple times and played 3 or 4 different cities. Over the course of those few weeks, I was able to confirm 3 of the 4 classic Russian stereotypes. While we didn't see any dancing bears in the streets, the promotions crew drank constantly (partial credit as it could be due to the fact they were in the entertainment industry), Russians love those big fur hats, and the girls there all look like supermodels (which is generally true for most of...
Quote: Originally Posted by alexanduh hm. any info on what lanvin added / maybe your personal reason for purchasing the 650$ acnes? At the time I was looking for a clean pair of raw selvage that fit me well, these fit that description. Theyre also a very heavyweight denim, probably closing in on 19oz, which I prefer over a thinner denim.
price drop
I thought the denim was f/w 11
Price drop.
I bought this pair on a whim a while ago, got them hemmed an inch shorter and then hung them in my closet for a year. Not good after spending $650+ on them These were a limited collab and have not seen them in many places. Theyre raw, super-thick, stiff, made in Italy with a yellow selvage inseam. SOLD Measurements (within 1/4") Waist: 32" Inseam: 32.5" Front Rise: 11" Leg Opening: 8.25"
Ghent, Belgium TGI Kind of Moscow, Russia Milan, Italy Lake Como, Italy Pripyat, Ukraine Pripyat, Ukraine Rome, Italy London, UK St Petersburg, Russia Samara, Russia The take it and get the fuck out store. Eindhoven, Netherlands Worst playground. Lublin, Poland Paris, France Krakow, Poland Auschwitz-Birkenau Auschwitz-Birkenau Paris Hilton Tel Aviv / Jaffa Tel Aviv - Your sign is...
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