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edit: he told her. bad move, welcome to dumpsville.
ill be picking up multiple pairs of shoes. and im super into the braided leather detail, used to love the leather & beads on the old pieces.
Take the train up to Lake Como for an afternoon.
Just to chime in the reliability of audis. we've had a 2003 a4 as a company car since it first came out. It now has almost 300,000kms on it and has never had any major issues at all, its been a tank. We have a 2010 A4 that already has 80,000kms on it and while its too early to really tell how reliable it is, aside from the lane assist not working once, nothing has been a problem yet either. we also have a 2003 tt roadster that barely gets driven but its only required...
price drops.
Quote: Originally Posted by BrunnerDominic is it true that a W+H size M fits like a regular size S? nope, w+h M is true to size.
measurements added & price drops.
Bought something from dblock, very nice, shipped quickly, and even came in a box wrapped with folded tissue paper.
Price drops
ive got a pair of raw selvage sz 32 that have never been worn (tags still attached) if youre looking for a smaller waist.
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