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my bad, i only read the first paragraph
I read that as you RSVP to their launch party at the mortar & brick store, not an online preview.
Just saw a ritz crackers commercial where this guy on a bus appears to be wearing this:
I have an old Christian Dior sweater thats been taking up space in my closet for too long. Size L slimfit (fits between a M & L), 100% orlon acrylic $75 shipped (paypal +4%/gift)
Try dampering off some of the grilles/registers on the main floor to force more air to the upper level. Begin dampering off in rooms which you find the coolest, and/or rooms in which you spend less time. Edit: just re-read your post. Is the upper floor bedroom open to the lower floor? What type of system do you have installed? split system (indoor furnace, outdoor condensing unit), rooftop packaged unit etc?
I got mine a week ago.
Anyone have any info on this Burberry polo? I bought it a few years ago at Holts and it fits me perfectly, I would love to pick up another handful but I cant find them anywhere. I think it was $225cad, the bottom and sleeves are elasticized.
Although for a +1 on the convertible: besides tearing up the winding mountain roads from Tuscany to venice, the next best ride was driving 130kmh with the top down in a thunder storm without getting hit with a single drop of rain.
I personally wouldnt go with the convertible. My mom has an audi tt roadster that I drive occasionally when shes away and she needs it serviced, and I hate driving it with the top down. Being stopped at a red for 2 minutes with the sun beating down on you can get uncomfortable quickly. She loves it, but I personally wouldn't buy a convertible.
they are not selvedge.
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