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I cant remember a time when I've worn this, but I must have once or twice. Aside from that its in perfect condition. Pit to Pit: 20" +4%/gift. Includes shipping to Canada + $5 to the US, overseas contact me.
Which are you talking about? Theres a thermal lined hoodie here for $225 The only thing ive seen for $460 is the cowichan vest.
The roden gray pics are a more true sense of what they look like in person. The nomad pics make the color look cheaper because they appear to be more turquoise.
Toronto: Uncle Otis, TNT, Holts, Nomad will get you started.
I got a 32 as well and they measure almost dead on 32"
Got my first order from RG today and took some quick shots. The waist fits true to size, and the difference between the slim (bleached) and the straight (aged) is minimal. Aged: Bleached: Details
why? cause she said so, and now theyve got to live with her.
I picked up two pairs of jeans and the wine high neck from RG. I havent gotten a shipping confirmation yet, but it usually arrives pretty quick since im in Canada. Ill put up some measurements on the jeans if they havent been posted by that time. Does anyone know if there will be a raw denim model?
yes there are henleys, blue red & grey static and some blue red black overdye i believe. i cant wait to see the outwear drop.
got two pairs of the washed denim and a scuba hoodie. was hoping to see some raw denim as well.
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