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   I got it from Stanley Korshak, but I don't believe there are any more available there. As for the quality of the item (It's the Lupo shirt jacket btw), I'm more than satisfied with it. Some of what you're seeing may be the way that I laid the item on my bed. Even still, I don't need everything about the pattern to be entirely congruous for me to appreciate it, so I'm quite pleased with the purchase.
That's absurd, sir. Even alluding to the idea that I'm a man possessing so little willpow... Damn it. Was it that obvious?
  Dropped by the house for lunch, and my very first Eidos piece had arrived. I'm not a betting man (not entirely true), but I'd wager that it won't be my last.
 Sorry for the late reply. The shirt is in the cleaners right now, but when I pick it up I'll take a bunch of pics. It's got a light gauzy texture and reads as a white shirt from about 15 feet away. The little rainbow donegal threads aren't at all subtle up close though. I've been wearing it a ton ever since I got it.
Ahh understood. Thank you.
 So, to be clear, the model in the store is the primo?
 If I'm not mistaken, it's this bad boy right here. I got to try it on at the Century City Bloomingdales, and I was pretty amazed how well the 50 fit me right off the rack.
 I picked up a Large. Depending on how things play out, I may be up for a trade.
Kopped. Man, I hope I get a hoodie.
Epaulet put out something pretty identical a few years ago. It's one of my favorite shirts to wear in the summer.
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