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I have a pair of Carmina wingtip brogues on the Forest last that I picked up from Matches a month ago. They're size 9UK. They're brand new and come with the shoe bags and extra pair of laces that they were shipped with. I'm asking $Sold shipped to the CONUS. If you live elsewhere, please PM me and we can discuss the additional cost. Thank you for your time, and have a great day.
This is a pair of brand new black Cole Haan lace up derbies. They're size 10.5D US and have only been worn once to try on. I'm asking for SOLD shipped to the CONUS. If you're located outside the CONUS and are interested, please PM and we can discuss the additional cost. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.
I bought this cardigan from another SF member at the beginning of the year and have worn it about 3 times. It's a charcoal color, has a button front and stand up collar, and the buttons have been replaced with the dark brown buttons you see in the picture. I still have, and will include the original buttons. The cardigan is a size small and the measurements are listed below: Measurements Chest=20" pit to pit Sleeve=26" from shoulder Lenght=28" from top of collar I'm...
  Saturday works better for me too.
  I appreciate that. Thank you for the response. I will be in touch if I decide to ship the jacket back.
  Cute. People with functioning eyes can see that the pocket is there though. I don't think that fact can be disputed. Maybe you should brush up on your understanding of the word.
    This was the price they offered me. It's not like I asked for a discount. It's true. I did not explicitly request hand pockets (a mistake I won't make in the future), but if someone showed me that picture,the fact that the hand pocket is so obviously visible would suggest to me that it was part of the design. Like I said, I won't make a similar mistake in the future.
  The jacket in the picture is mine and it just got here about 20 minutes ago. The fit is pretty much perfect, I love the denim, and I'd be completely satisfied with the jacket if it had hand pockets. I was told to submit a picture of what I wanted the design to look like, and the pictures I submit did have hand pockets. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do as I love the functionality of hand pockets, but I'm not sure I want to deal with the headache of returns and...
  They look like a pair of Tretorns that I have. I'm not sure which model though.
Is this the LBM with the red plaid pattern? If so, that pattern is really subtle. I love it.
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