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Did any vendors pick up these swim shorts?  
So I find myself in need of sizing advice on the Buttero distressed side-zip boots. If I wear a 42 (I'm a US 10D) in Buttero Taninos, what should I be looking for size wise in these boots? Thanks fellas.
 Yeah, I noticed that after I posted. Still, it's definitely good to know for future reference so I know if I need to order a larger size and take in the waist to accommodate my thighs.   Very helpful. Thank you!
 I was mistakenly under the impression that the models were uniform across all vendors, but it seems that's not the case so my interest is in these: and these (in size 48 and 50 respectively): Thank you.
Will one of you fine connoisseurs of exquisite clothing provide me with the thigh measurement of a pair of 32 and 34 Eidos dress trousers?
PRICE DROP!   NOTE: Will ship anywhere, however, shipping will need to be discussed if international.   This is a BNWT Wool Hopsack bomber from Gant Rugger. The jacket was purchased for me from Mr. Porter as a gift, but it was too small.   The measurements are as follows:   Shoulder: 17.5" Back length: 25.5" Chest circumference: 41.5" Sleeve length: 36"   Additional pictures of the jacket can be found HERE   The price includes fees and shipping from...
Lol, I am for the most part, but some of these kids really make me work for it. Still, I'd probably get some amazing creases/fades if I played in them.
Just kopped a pair so I'm in. I listed myself as a weekend warrior as I teach tennis for a living and so definitely don't get to wear denim at "the office."
 Damn. I need to pay closer attention to the things I post. This definitely should have been tagged NSFW lol.
 No . 
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