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Does the eggshell poplin LBM have a double vent or center vent? I can't tell from the pics and it doesn't say in the description.
  I've been looking for a comparison like this for a while. Thanks!
  ^This. We should head over opening day. Make an event of it.
  Sounds good to me.
  The fun part is trying to go back east once you're ready to leave.
  I just got one. Your instincts are right about how impossible cool it is.     Dave, I'm gonna need you to be a good lad and reserve me one of those elephant pocket squares in the back. For my part, I'll stop drooling and try to get some work done so that I can pay you for it .
    Judging from the pics I've seen, it looks like Santa Monica. As I live on the west side, this doesn't bode well for my wallet .
Thanks! If I could trouble you once more, what would your advice be for polishing EG's bauxite?
De nada.
  I have boots on both the rain and the forest in UK 9 and I find the fit pretty similar. I have more room in the toe box with the forest, but otherwise, both boots fit the same from the heel to the forefoot.  
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