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 I really gotta make it to one of these. If only to spit some Pimp C verses.
I'm there 4 days a week and I still haven't run into them. I work out in the morning though so that's probably why.
 Hey Matt, do you know if the Barena sweater blazers are coming in around the same time? That's the one piece I told myself I didn't wanna miss this season.
This classified is for a pair of Uetam last, full strap, navy shell cordovan loafers from Carmina. They're size 8.5UK. The shoes are part of a limited run MTO with Gentleman's Footwear. The shoes are in and ready to be shipped.   The primary picture (the one that's blue) is the completed shoe, and the other ones are of the same model but in a different color leather to show the shoe from different angles.   My asking price is $700 shipped to the CONUS. If you reside...
 Thanks, man. It's unfortunate because there's so many great loafers on the Uetam last. I take a 9uk in the rain and the forest and both fit me extremely well. With the Uetam, a 9 is too long but an 8.5 is too narrow. The 9 was fairly narrow as well but I felt reasonably sure that it would probably fit comfortably with some wear. I just couldn't get around the fact that there was quite a bit of room between the end of my foot and the tip of the shoe.
 The latter. But once my feet are in, they're in so much pain I couldn't imagine keeping them on let alone walking in them.
 This would be amazing news for me if I hadn't just figured out that my feet won't fit into the Uetam last. Gonna put my Navy Strap Loafer spot on B&S, but if any of you guys are interested, feel free to PM me. They're a size 8.5UK.
 Man Roger, I have to say I really enjoy your taste in footwear, and this time is no exception. These are phenomenal. Are these Carminas?
  Ditto on the brushed blue. That shirt is excellent. I'm not sure if this will apply to this particular fabric, but I have a few Epaulet flannels (The purple herringbone and Gold buffalo check) and I wash on cold and hang dry them. They look just as great as the day I got them.
 Brandywine Tattersall, blonde horn buttons, chocolate suede elbow patches. I'm thinking something like this: 
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