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 I think I remember Mike saying the MTO trousers could be cut as shorts, but that the cost would be very similar to the trouser cost because the amount of fabric used isn't that much less.
 Ahh, I see. Still, it's great to know you guys are working on a solution. And I'm definitely looking forward to the new popover offerings. On an unrelated note, has anyone ordered a double-breasted Epaulet jacket with three patch pockets? I don't think I've ever seen a picture of one. Are the top two buttons removed or just reconfigured to accommodate the breast pocket?
I'm not sure if this has been answered yet, but does Individualized offer popovers? Is that an option for the MTO shirts?
 Is the sale still going on?
 I swear if Justin's initials weren't right there in his forum name, I'd assume every one who congratulated him on here was an asshole. When I first joined, I remember thinking "Why the hell does everyone say just kidding to that guy after every compliment they give him. Is he just a huge dick and no one likes him?" Lol
 The Rivets don't have AS much room in the thigh, but there is still some. I'm in the same boat as you. I get either a 34 and 35 in rivets even though my waist is a 33. I've found that with the thicker material I can swing a 34 because it tends to make up bigger, but with the thinner more summer-oriented material, I have to opt for a 35 and have the seat and waist taken in. I also get the legs tapered from just above the knee down to the leg opening, but that's more a...
@Epaulet Mike, are the red preppy cotton twill being offered as MTO trousers the same fabric as the red preppy cotton twill being offered as an MTO suit? They're described the same, but one picture is noticeably brighter than the other. If they're different, is the weight on the fabric different as well or just the color?   Trousers:   Suiting:
 If those are walts, there's room for a tailor to let them out in the thigh. I don't own any other cuts other than rivets, so I don't know if they also have a decent amount of fabric to let out as well, but I've let several walts out in the thigh and had them fit great afterwards.
 I'm 29 years old, I've listened to Juicy a million times, and I only just now understand this reference. You learn something new every day. Thanks Mike lol
Quote:   I'm a big fan of everything that just happened here.
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