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 Just in time for my birthday
You just HAD to go and ask him if there was oxblood leather didn't you? Your brilliant ideas are causing my wallet an unnecessarily high level of distress. I just want you to know that. *places wallet in tennis bag* "There there, buddy. It's gonna be just fine. These enablers can't hurt you in there."
Hey guys! I'm trying to gauge interest in a GMTO idea that I have. I'm interested in ordering a pair of these loafers from Enzo Bonafe in Hidro Canapa or Dark beige suede with the tassels and leather around the heel and tongue being done in dark brown leather. The edge trim would be the same as the loafers below, and they would be on the 804 last which is the last pictured below.   Loafers:     The color is number 4:     Please send me a PM if you're...
[[SPOILER]]  Those are fantastic! I seriously can't wait to get my sport trainers. Edit: And those shorts are ridic. Those were MTO right?
 Right. But the 43s are OOS and it doesn't look like there's a 43.5 available.
 Ah right . I tried them on at a local shop recently and they had them listed in US sizes. I'm a 42 in Buttero Tanino. So one size down from my usual Euro size.
 I'm a US 10D in most shoes (9.5uk EG 888, 9.5 Alden Barrie, 9 Buttero Tanino for reference). Everything I've read said to go with your standard size. I've never had a pair of espadrilles, but I don't think I'd need an especially snug fit so long as my feet weren't slipping around in them.
Are the Castaner Ecru espadrilles subject to be restocked any time soon? I try not to think of all the stuff I've missed out on by only recently being introduced to NMWA. I sleep better that way.
I just got off the phone with one of the guys at Gentry (Nikaus sp?) to place an order and he was super helpful and had an appreciable knowledge of the products. They have a really great operation over there. Apparently, someone called and placed an order for an Eidos piece right before I did. And for those who are curious, I decided to snag one of these guys:     I missed out on the blouson made in this fabric and between that and the discount they're running on...
 Is that short sleeve pattern close to being implemented? Because if it is, I might have to swoop on one of these.
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