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 Loving the look, Gerry. I really need a suit made out of that burgundy hopsack. 
 If I recall correctly, those are Carmina caramel double monks that Matt polished to provide that unique color. 
 What last and color suede are we talking here, J?
 I find dark brown suede to be more formal in the same way that dark brown leather is more formal. That said, I'd be completely comfortable pairing these up with some denim or more casual chinos as well. Your usage is going to be dependent on what you already have, but I've seen a number of looks involving suits and suede DMs that I thought looked amazing. 
What happened to the EPLA hoodies? Did they get pulled from the site?
 I personally wear a 9.5 US in the Barrie, 9UK in the Rain and Forest and an 8.5 UK in the Detroit. For reference my feet measure slightly more than 4 inches across in the forefoot, 11 inches in length, and I have a relatively high instep. I found the 9UK in the Detroit to be too long. Hope that helps.
     Thanks guys! It is indeed the Malvern. Meister, The herring shoes you're referencing have the lower broguing on the vamp done in suede whereas with the EGs, it's in leather.
  Does anyone know who makes these and what model it is? I looked around the forums for a bit trying to find the info, but I didn't have any luck. I'm tempted to say EG, but I'm not sure.
[[SPOILER]]  Cleav, you are killing it man. I love how subtle the grain effect is on those monks.
 I'll definitely look into this as an option. Rain fits me really well so its actually the last I'd be most inclined to go with. 
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