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Marc asked me to let people know that he's going to be off for the next few days, so not to panic if you're unable to get ahold of him.
 I'm going to guess it was Gentry as I had my recent purchase shipped the same way. The material of my coat is less prone to wrinkles, so I didn't have that problem. After inspecting it pretty thoroughly, there wasn't anything at all wrong with it, but I could see how it would be preferable to have it packaged a bit better considering the cost of these jackets. I also didn't receive a hanger, but I've already contacted them to see if they could send one. I should stress...
 I'm not attempting to be combative or anything, but have you held/seen both these and MMMs? I have and I just can't come to the same conclusion. I suppose there's more to a shoe than the quality of the leather, but in my mind, that's a huge component.
 This picture made me walk to my closet so I could stare at mine some more. I can't get over how great the leather is on these things.
 This is exactly what I needed to hear. I don't see it online, but presumably they have it in store? I live in LA and I haven't seen any Eidos on display at the Beverly Hills Scoop the last handful of times I've been in there. I'll call the Brentwood store tomorrow to see if they have any.
 Agreed. I love the pocket details. These memorial day sales did some damage to my credit card and this was one of the pieces I came really close to snagging. If I could find this in navy, I doubt I'd be able to show the same restraint
 This was the first time I got a chance to see them live, and they definitely didn't disappoint.
I'd be in for that as well.
 Killing. The. Game. It's a good fit on you too. I know this shirt is a collector's item, but I couldn't justify spending the money on two Dickie shirts, and I kinda fell in love with the Ischa print version of this shirt. I doubt you could go wrong with either version.
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