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For sale is a BNWT Eidos Napoli Peacoat made of their awesome Shantung like cotton. I really love the hand on this jacket, but I got hit by the lifting bug when I got it, and I'm now too big to wear it . Hopefully, it can find a loving home with someone who it fits.   This was an exclusive, limited edition (as is most Eidos stuff) model for Gentry and is no longer available in this size.    The jacket is a size 50.   Measurements are below:   Chest: 22" Length:...
 Would you say they're fantastic?
 I like a cuff on my cords, but I think it's largely a matter of preference. I have 4 pair and only one is finished with a plain hem. For reference, I'm 5'10" and most of my cuffs are 1.75 inches.
I looked through the thread, but I couldn't find any news about the details for the Stingray trainer pre-order. Has any info been posted?  'm kicking myself that I wasn't able to make it to the trade show
 Mike mentioned that the new polo would have a normal collar and not the collar you saw in the picture. As for the other question, I'll let him answer that. 
 I've always been a fan of EGs Night Shade for Adelaides and Wholecuts specifically. Something like this maybe: 
 Man, I love this. Get em, Don!
For sale is a brand new, unworn, Gustin Japan Weathered Check Shirt in size Slim Large. I've had it stowed away in the original packaging for a while, because I was on the fence about keeping it, but as I have too many similar shirts, I've decided to let it go.   Here is the shirt here:   And the measurements can be found here:   I paid $109 plus tax and shipping which worked out to...
Is tailoring not an option for your older shirts?
 Yeah, I do. I got it a few weeks ago from the big Bloomingdale's sale. I've only worn it a few times so far, but I love it.
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