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  Might this include a certain, eagerly anticipated, Carmina delivery?
  This is what Mike had to say about turnaround time for the MTOs last week. It really does depend though. I put down my deposit for the Terracotta boots 2 months ago and it's scheduled to come in this week some time. I believe the usual time fore these is between 8 and 12 weeks.
  My sentiments exactly.
Most people massively overestimate the amount of time one must spend working out in order to see noticeable results. 30-45 minutes 3x a week goes a long way when it comes to building muscle.
  I totally should have gone to this. Where did you guys go?
You can tell by how Mike talks about clothes that there's almost nothing in the world he'd rather be doing.  
  This is a dope look, Wis. Definitely one of my favorites from you.
That's ok. That was exactly the model I had in mind actually. Thank you for the comparison.  
Anyone know anything about the Deia last? I don't see a whole lot of makeups using that last. I'm mainly curious about what it's dimensions are like relative to the other lasts. Based on the the navy dubs that Unipair guy posted, it looks to be a rather attractive last to my eye.
  I don't know much, but I do know both Barbie Girl and Promiscuous girl were both sung with, what I can only hope, was an appropriately excessive amount of enthusiasm.
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