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  I'm on board with the purple leather as a shoe idea. A double monk or some form of cap toe would be my preference. I love the Salinger that Epaulet sells. A version with eggplant calf and gold buckles would be awesome.   I'm also a big fan of Carmina's 3 eyelet derby. I like the idea of a simpler design to let the leather be the focus.
  I think this is an excellent idea.     Looking forward to seeing these.
  That just makes me want mine even more. The downside of living across the country is that mine aren't getting here till Monday.
  Same. Which one/s do you have coming?
  Put me in the 3 eye camp as well. 5 eye is too close to the boots we've been making a ton of lately.
  Lol. For a second I was like, "Damn Chris. How you just gonna take a new girl to a Mexican burlesque show? Didn't you just get married?" Hope you guys had a good time.
  Welcome to SF, James! Thanks for the info. Looking forward to working with you on some new MTOs.
    I was actually able to purchase the item. I have an order number and everything. I paid for the item before I posted this. Am I going to need to order it again?
For those of you who haven't already seen it, the item for this most recent delivery of Carmina MTOs is up on the site. Go pay your remaining balances and flourish.   http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/footwear-special-order/products/carmina-mto-april-balance  
New Posts  All Forums: