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Damnit, Matt! I need to start saving up now for that Loro Piana Samuelsohn in the fall, and you're not making it easy.  
  And therein lies the problem.
  I didn't wanna be the one to dash his dreams. I've been listening to KDAY since I was 10 years old. It's gonna be a sad day .
  Please don't disrespect the Dodgers like that. It's hardly necessary. They're doing a pretty fantastic job of disrespecting themselves as it is.
  Ish is about to go down. I could pretend that having to pay sales tax is gonna lessen my purchases, but I have no business lying to myself like that. Can't wait to welcome you and Adele to the west coast.
  Are there designs on the website or do I just pick anything and send it in?
  Oh, I was the one who grabbed the jacket that made that the last remaining one . At $675 it was a bit hard for me to justify, personally, but at $395 I really couldn't pass on it. I'm thinking it's going to pair really well with the Nori trousers I have coming as well. Thanks for the info!
  YES! I mean... Yes. Yes, I am.
  You ain't never lied.
  You and me both, friend.
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