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I'm remiss to say that I ordered these beauties a half size too big and so, reluctantly, I'll have to part ways with them. Here's the details: Tassel loafer with hidden strings & punched toe medallion Last: Uetam Leather: Grey suede with navy calf tassels Sole: Single Leather, Brown Edge Lining: Purple Size: 9 UK   The price is $SOLD shipped or best offer to anywhere in the CONUS. I'll ship them anywhere though provided you're willing to pay extra shipping...
I get where you're coming from. I had some apprehension about the medallion at first, but it's way more understated in person. I really wish they fit, because I absolutely love these shoes.
  Unfortunately, CHRK33 and I made the exact same error. I also ordered this makeup and ordered it a half size too big. Mine are a size 9 on the Uetam last. If you're interested shoot me a PM. They'll be up on B&S shortly.
It begins... Congrats, man!
Speaking of rivets, are the FF rivets still set to ship out in the near future?  
  My preference would have been for different shoes, but I actually really like the rest of the outfit. The Lama boots he just copped would look great with that look imo.
^This. Instantaneous communication ftw.
  I just tried mine on for the first time today. These are honestly the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn in my life. Take that with a grain of salt as I'm new to the world of high(er) end shoes, but I'm thrilled with how these turned out. Whoever it was that described them as "chestnut" in color was dead on. Wearing these makes me mad I didn't pull the trigger on the grey brogues Mike and Co. were selling a ways back, as I'm pretty sure they used the same leather on...
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