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  Thanks man! They're some of the best fitting shoes I currently own. Patrik told me the toe box is slightly narrower than Carmina's Forest last, but my feet seem to fit better in these than my lama boots. They both fit really well, but these seem a bit more accommodating to my feet.
Bonafe chukkas are here!!!! And man, they are gorgeous. This was one of the most satisfying purchases I've made all year. I've been trying not to stare at them ever since they got here. Here's some pics so you guys can share in my enjoyment .         I also picked up some OTC Sozzi cotton socks in Pistachio. These things definitely don't disappoint. The guys at Skoak are gonna take all my moneys .
This is what I was looking for. Thanks man!
      The RCs I have right now are all 34 and they fit me perfectly in the waist. So I'd basically have to take them in 2 inches. And since the Smiths are pre washed, they're not really gonna shrink.  
Have any of you guys with a 34ish waist bought the 36 rivet chinos and had them taken in? I think that may be my best bet with the new Smith canvas jeans, but I'm concerned about the pockets looking weird in the back. Can someone either assuage or confirm my fear? Thanks.
  This just brought a ridiculously large smile to my face.
  I'm really looking forward to this. I'm hoping to see an Anderson Jumper MTO with this leather. Will we know about this makeup before the deadline for the hatch grain jumper MTO? If we're not going forward with a Jumper on the Kudu leather, I'd like to hop on the hatch grain MTO.
  Yea, he's based out of Los Angeles.
  Could not agree more.
  I second this. Although my order didn't work out due to error on my part, that, in no way, should be taken as an impunity of Mr. Yoo's service. It really was exemplary. I hope to be able to work with him soon on a new MTO.
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