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Ahh ok. I was really hoping you didn't say that lol. Oh well. Maybe one day.   One other thing, if I may. I just placed an order but forgot to put in the styleforum code. Can I do that retroactively?
Hey Charlie! Do you guys offer the Kensington buckles in stainless steel? If not do you have any plans to? Thanks.  
  I don't have any experience ordering directly from Carmina, but I've ordered two pairs of shoes from Skoak and aside from the awesome service, I didn't have to pay any customs fees. That's not to say you won't, but that has been my experience. I'm in California, btw.
  "Chode feet" is the funniest shit I've ever heard on here.
Thanks man! I appreciate it.  
  Haha. Yea, I love this shoe. If they fit me, there's no way I'd be selling them.
  I caved . I'm in.
    So hard not to hop on board this mto. I just need to lock down my Uetam size first before I throw any more of my money away.
  One caveat I would mention is in regard to loafers. I take a 9UK in the Rain last and after about a week or two of break in, it fits me excellently. I would say I have semi wide feet, but I wear a 10D in Allen Edmonds Park Ave. (snug fit) so take that how you will. Any way, I decided to take a 9UK in the Uetam loafer and it just didn't work. Because of the vamp sizing, my foot didn't reach down far enough into the toe box, and it made the fit really uncomfortable. I...
    Perfect. Thanks, gents!
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