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What happened to the EPLA hoodies? Did they get pulled from the site?
 I personally wear a 9.5 US in the Barrie, 9UK in the Rain and Forest and an 8.5 UK in the Detroit. For reference my feet measure slightly more than 4 inches across in the forefoot, 11 inches in length, and I have a relatively high instep. I found the 9UK in the Detroit to be too long. Hope that helps.
     Thanks guys! It is indeed the Malvern. Meister, The herring shoes you're referencing have the lower broguing on the vamp done in suede whereas with the EGs, it's in leather.
  Does anyone know who makes these and what model it is? I looked around the forums for a bit trying to find the info, but I didn't have any luck. I'm tempted to say EG, but I'm not sure.
[[SPOILER]]  Cleav, you are killing it man. I love how subtle the grain effect is on those monks.
 I'll definitely look into this as an option. Rain fits me really well so its actually the last I'd be most inclined to go with. 
Hey @Leaves!   Do you know if Carmina makes loafers on any of their wider lasts other than Forest? I love the loafer designs but I have pretty much no hope of squeezing my foot into the Simpson or Uetam lasts that most of the loafers seem to be made on.   Thanks!
Hey Mike! Any chance you plan on bringing back the Carmina Kudu Jumper this fall/winter? Btw, sad to see you leave Santa Monica, but I'm loving the new EPLA line. I need to kop some of those henleys soon.
Whoever is in charge of ordering from Carmina did an excellent job choosing those saddle shoes. The blue suede and tan grain pair up excellently. I would have preferred it on a more rounded last like Forest if I'm being picky but, all in all, it's a beautiful shoe.
 I live in L.A. and pretty much all my stuff is routed through Bell Gardens. I've yet to have an incident. I don't know how many orders I've placed at this point (more than I can count on my hands and probably toes) and I've received everything in perfect condition. 
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