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  Could not agree more.
  I second this. Although my order didn't work out due to error on my part, that, in no way, should be taken as an impunity of Mr. Yoo's service. It really was exemplary. I hope to be able to work with him soon on a new MTO.
  A black denim shirt would be pretty fantastic. Though with the black denim, I'd definitely prefer either a smoke resin button as opposed to the tortoise resin. While the tortoise works great with the blue, I think it would look a bit off with the black denim.   Also, I'm a big fan of the pockets used on the denim work shirt:     I've always preferred these kinds of pockets over the flap pockets. The point collar is a nice change of pace as well.
  You don't have to tell me twice. Instakopped.
  This is awesome! Purple socks work so well with those shoes. Great look, man.
  I recently came to the same conclusion. That being said, I feel like I'm on the verge of having to convert to the Rudy fit, and it has me reluctant to order anymore Walts. I remember Mike saying that he's had a few Walts let out in the thigh, and I'm hoping that will work for me. I've got 4 pairs of Walts and I'd hate to have to sell them because they no longer fit .
I'm remiss to say that I ordered these beauties a half size too big and so, reluctantly, I'll have to part ways with them. Here's the details: Tassel loafer with hidden strings & punched toe medallion Last: Uetam Leather: Grey suede with navy calf tassels Sole: Single Leather, Brown Edge Lining: Purple Size: 9 UK   The price is $SOLD shipped or best offer to anywhere in the CONUS. I'll ship them anywhere though provided you're willing to pay extra shipping...
I get where you're coming from. I had some apprehension about the medallion at first, but it's way more understated in person. I really wish they fit, because I absolutely love these shoes.
  Unfortunately, CHRK33 and I made the exact same error. I also ordered this makeup and ordered it a half size too big. Mine are a size 9 on the Uetam last. If you're interested shoot me a PM. They'll be up on B&S shortly.
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