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Hey Mike. Can you guys cut the novelty trouser fabrics into shorts? The Japanese cotton seems like it's begging to be made into a pair of shorts.
Has anyone ordered a pale pink shirt from Luxire that's not the Oxford weave? I was looking for something a little dressier, but with a matte presentation. I'm not exactly one for the shiny shirts. 
 Ahh close. The french blue windowpane I ordered is tan with the french blue windowpane. I'll definitely post some pics when I get it.
Got my shipping confirmation for my two Factory Finds jackets (French blue windowpane and Navy Wool/Cotton?Cashmere)! It's about to be on!
I finally got a chance to stop by the Santa Monica store on Friday evening and had the pleasure of meeting Mike and Adele for the first time. It's not like I needed any further convincing to cement my status as a lifetime Epaulet customer, but if I did, they would have managed to do so and then some. It was awesome to finally meet the faces behind my favorite clothing brand and to be able to talk clothing and style with people whose knowledge of the industry vastly exceeds...
  I feel like I've seen this somewhere before...
 J, I've got rain boots and forest boots in a 9uk and the forest boots actually fit me more comfortably out of the box. The rain boots are suede, though, and after wearing them for a few weeks, they're now incredibly comfortable. My suggestion would be to go with the same size on the Rain.
Is the blue twill taping no longer an option for the MTO rivets? It's not available in the drop down box.
 I have the same pair of Bonafe chukkas in a 9UK and wear an 9UK in Carmina's Forest and Rain lasts. They fit my feet very similarly to those two lasts.
 Dope jacket, Wis.
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