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  Well, it would be a deal breaker for me if we couldn't get the exact model as I'm really in love with the details of that particular shoe (no fringe on the brogueing, cleaner lines, etc.). As for color, I'd love the same color that mrjester has shown. It's called Burdeos Claro. If that's not an option, I'm also a fan of their Vegano Marron which is seen here:      
Hey Young,   Do you know if Carmina can offer this model 80105 on the Rain Last?     I've been drooling over these since I saw them, but as I have no way of finding out my Simpson size without having to pay for return shipping overseas (or of knowing if the last will even fit my feet at all), I figured I'd see about getting a group MTO to get them made on the Rain.   Btw, new ties look great.
Does the eggshell poplin LBM have a double vent or center vent? I can't tell from the pics and it doesn't say in the description.
  I've been looking for a comparison like this for a while. Thanks!
  ^This. We should head over opening day. Make an event of it.
  Sounds good to me.
  The fun part is trying to go back east once you're ready to leave.
  I just got one. Your instincts are right about how impossible cool it is.     Dave, I'm gonna need you to be a good lad and reserve me one of those elephant pocket squares in the back. For my part, I'll stop drooling and try to get some work done so that I can pay you for it .
    Judging from the pics I've seen, it looks like Santa Monica. As I live on the west side, this doesn't bode well for my wallet .
Thanks! If I could trouble you once more, what would your advice be for polishing EG's bauxite?
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