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That shirt looks amazing! Mike, have you heard back about whether you guys could offer short sleeved shirts with the Individualized MTO fabrics?
 Hahahahahaha. Sounds like quite the product.
 I know your pain, sir. Although I haven't received my shipping confirmation yet Is there anyone who hasn't received a shipping confirmation for their EFF Rivets yet?
This may have been asked already, but can the MTO individualized shirts be ordered without a box pleat?
 Thanks for this! I'm looking forward to taking advantage of the promotion and any help I can get on the differentiating collar styles is greatly appreciated.
 That style was exculsively made on the Simpson last. I inquired a year ago to see if they could make it on the Rain for people with wider feet, but at the time they couldn't.
 Same for me. I'm in if we can do Rain.
My preference would be CXL with a commando sole.
       I'm in if you guys wanna get a GMTO going. Just sayin'
 Good to know. Eagerly awaiting the new stuff!
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