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  I have boots on both lasts, J and my Rain lasted suede jodhpurs are slightly tighter in the toe box to the point that they required a longer break in before they were comfortable for me. They "fit" out of the box, but they weren't as comfortable as my forest last boots until I'd worn them out twice. They got better after the first wearing and comfortable after the second.
This question is for Charlie or anyone else with enough experience to answer it. Which Equus leather belt would go best with EG's Bauxite leather?  
In other news, I was browsing the site looking to buy a birthday present for myself and I noticed that the dove grey hopsack pants are $220 when viewing them from the main trouser page, and $225 when you click on the link. I'm hardly one to quibble over $5 but I figured it was worth bringing to you guys attention.  
+1. I just ordered my first pair of EGs and have been looking at getting into the Vass game as well. Can't wait to see what Mike and Co. have in store for us.
For the navy shell loafer, which edge trim did we agree upon? I thought it was dark brown, but I don't remember.  
Material: Country Grain Calf Color: I would describe it as Chestnut. Lining Color: Brown Model: 532 Last: Detroit Size: 9UK Welt: Storm welt Sole: Double Dainite I bought these shoes last week and when they arrived they had a small blemish on the tip of the left shoe. It's located directly beneath the medallion. For this reason, I'm selling them at a rather steep discount. In every other respect, they're brand new and will be shipped along with...
For sale is two pair of Epaulet steep twill trousers. One is Rust and the other is Navy.   Rust Steep Twill: These pants have been worn 3 times and have been washed once. They've been hemmed to a 30.5" inseam, and have had the waist let out an inch so that they are a size larger than the tagged size 32. This change is easily reversible in case you wish to wear them at their original size. Price: $90 shipped CONUS   Navy Steep Twill: These pants have only been...
I told myself I was gonna snag a pair of Petrol Blue walts before the season was over, but the introduction of the Nori Walts have me thinking I'm gonna grab those instead. Someone convince me I'm making the right decision.  
  Epaulet ran a navy calf jodhpur with a blue suede strap last year but it got pushed back a ways because of an oversight by Carmina. I'm still not sure if it was ever delivered. It was a pretty sick makeup though.
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