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@Epaulet Mike, are the red preppy cotton twill being offered as MTO trousers the same fabric as the red preppy cotton twill being offered as an MTO suit? They're described the same, but one picture is noticeably brighter than the other. If they're different, is the weight on the fabric different as well or just the color?   Trousers:   Suiting:
 If those are walts, there's room for a tailor to let them out in the thigh. I don't own any other cuts other than rivets, so I don't know if they also have a decent amount of fabric to let out as well, but I've let several walts out in the thigh and had them fit great afterwards.
 I'm 29 years old, I've listened to Juicy a million times, and I only just now understand this reference. You learn something new every day. Thanks Mike lol
Quote:   I'm a big fan of everything that just happened here.
[[SPOILER]]  These are gorgeous! Are the squares in the second photo from Seaward & Stearn? Are these available at Khaki's of Carmel now? Thanks for sharing these!
Congrats El Argentino! That's awesome news!
Just so you guys know, there's a bunch of EPLA T shirts that just got posted in the Sale section. I finally managed to score a plum crewneck (and a white V... and a grey V... Someone please take my card from me...)
 I can't promise that I won't steal this idea. And then when that inevitable day comes when we pass each other on the streets of LA wearing the same boots, I'll look you dead in the eye, give you a deliberately overt thumbs up, and just keep on walking. And yes, I could have spoilered those pics, but be honest, who amongst us didn't want to see them again?
That shirt looks amazing! Mike, have you heard back about whether you guys could offer short sleeved shirts with the Individualized MTO fabrics?
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