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Thanks! If I could trouble you once more, what would your advice be for polishing EG's bauxite?
De nada.
  I have boots on both the rain and the forest in UK 9 and I find the fit pretty similar. I have more room in the toe box with the forest, but otherwise, both boots fit the same from the heel to the forefoot.  
  Why thank you for saying so. I think so as well.
  If only they were a half size bigger...
Hello gents! I've got my first pair of EGs on the way and so I'm making preparations. For those of you with Bauxite colored shoes, what color polish do you use? Thanks!
I don't know if you guys are or have ever been in the business of Alden MTOs, but if you ever put out a boot version of this,     I'd be all over it. This leather is freaking amazing.
  Is this on the Rain last?
Which color Saphir polish do you guys recommend I use on the Bonafe chukkas. I'm fairly new to the shoe polishing game so I really have no idea what colors should be used for which shoes. I'm guessing it's going to be either the Bordo or Mahoganny color, but I'm really not sure.  
Same exact situation for me. It's not at all difficult to figure out. Number and last name are right there on the button.
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