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Mike, is the antique grey crosshatch closer in color to a medium grey or a pearl grey? Thanks!
Hey Mike, I asked this earlier but maybe it got lost in the shuffle. Are you guys planning on restocking the western shirts? 
Hey Mike! Are you guys planning to re up on the Western shirts/ Distressed Western shirts any time soon? I'm really upset with myself that I missed these on the first go around. 
   Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on a Large navy long sleeve.
Hey guys! Hope everyone's doing well. I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on a couple of the long sleeve raglan shirts and I'm a bit unsure about sizing. My chest is 40" on the nose and I take a large in EP shirts like the button down oxford and so forth. For those of you with experience with these shirts, should I opt for a large in this or would a medium be a better fit? Thanks!
 Loving the look, Gerry. I really need a suit made out of that burgundy hopsack. 
 If I recall correctly, those are Carmina caramel double monks that Matt polished to provide that unique color. 
 What last and color suede are we talking here, J?
 I find dark brown suede to be more formal in the same way that dark brown leather is more formal. That said, I'd be completely comfortable pairing these up with some denim or more casual chinos as well. Your usage is going to be dependent on what you already have, but I've seen a number of looks involving suits and suede DMs that I thought looked amazing. 
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