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  For a guy named "mrjester" you're no fun at all .
  This is actually really helpful. Thanks! Do you size down a whole or half size from your typical US size?
Dude! Red Lining?! They can do that?!  
Does anyone have experience with both Carmina's Rain last and Meermin's Olfe last? How do the two compare fit wise?  
Yea, I'm familiar with Alfred Sargent. I've been meaning to try out a pair of Moores actually.
  If you love the fabric and it's something that you don't think you'll be able to get any time soon, then it's absolutely worth it.     I've been going back and forth on picking this up for almost a year and I almost missed out. I'm gonna have to give you guys my number so you can text me when stuff goes on sale.
PB, you strike me as someone who only allows the finest of calf taint to grace his feet, and while I take no issue with that, I'm sure it aint cheap. For those of us just getting into the game, Carmina represents a really good value. They're certainly the nicest looking and feeling shoes that I've ever worn. If you know of a better alternative at or around that price point, I'd absolutely love to hear about it.
  Well, obviously I'm not hating as I bought the shoes. I will say for my purposes, the dark oak would have been a bit more desirable. That being said, I'm more than happy with my purchase.
Haha. You're in on all the same MTOs I am. And I have a pair of Westminsters on the way as well. In Bauxite though as some of us weren't lucky enough to have the sole pair of Dark Oak Westminsters miraculously appear in our size . Lol  
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