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PB, you strike me as someone who only allows the finest of calf taint to grace his feet, and while I take no issue with that, I'm sure it aint cheap. For those of us just getting into the game, Carmina represents a really good value. They're certainly the nicest looking and feeling shoes that I've ever worn. If you know of a better alternative at or around that price point, I'd absolutely love to hear about it.
  Well, obviously I'm not hating as I bought the shoes. I will say for my purposes, the dark oak would have been a bit more desirable. That being said, I'm more than happy with my purchase.
Haha. You're in on all the same MTOs I am. And I have a pair of Westminsters on the way as well. In Bauxite though as some of us weren't lucky enough to have the sole pair of Dark Oak Westminsters miraculously appear in our size . Lol  
  These shoes are amazing! You got them from Skoak right? I really need to figure out my size on the Simpson last. So many of Carmina's best models are on the Simpson.
    I have handled all three fabrics. Frank's is the best advice for your purposes. The sanded UK is the dressiest option.
Same. Thanks for posting that deal. So good.
I have both, but I haven't washed the point collar one yet. The green one hasn't shrunk in any noticeable way. I'll report back once I wash the other one.  
Hi everyone,   These trousers are brand new with tag. They've never been washed, altered, or otherwise taken out of the garment bag in my closet.   They're a size 34 waist and are unfinished with a 38" inseam.   Price is SOLD! shipped to the CONUS. If you're in another country, PM me and we can talk about additional shipping costs.   Thank you for your time.
I only have one, but I'm fairly certain that's going to change in the very near future.
  Congrats man! So much to purchase and so little funds. I've recently discovered Vanda and between Carmina, Vanda, and Equus, I'm going to be completely broke in no time.
New Posts  All Forums: