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If anyone knows of a stockist that still has some of the Christian Kimber Fish bracelets, or if any of you have any that you'd like to sell, please message me. I'm kicking myself for not ordering those sooner. 
 Love those, Gerry! I've been looking to get my hands on some of the fish bracelets as well! Also, for anyone interested, you can get 70% off the remaining sale pairs of shoes on christiankimber.com using the promo code FINALSALE. Happy kopping, gents 
 On a scale of one to walking on clouds while several well-trained baby pandas massage your feet, how comfortable are those suede apertures?
   Thanks guys! I'm a big fan of Christian's work in general, but these loafers really made an impression on me. They are, indeed, olive suede. I also contemplated getting the grey tassels and I still may before it's all said and done. They seem like an excellent summer shoe to wear with a light colored denim and maybe a white polo or seersucker shirt. They'd go pretty well with white chinos or a really light stone/cream colored chino as well. I feel like the white and...
 I really do regret not picking those up while they were available in my size. Here's my contribution that I posted in the Eidos thread. I've got a pair of chukkas on the way and am looking to steadily expand my collection. 
  It really does show :) And I'm sure I'll be taking you up on that offer sooner than later.  Haha. No worries, man. I know the struggle. Just wanted to make sure we were on the same page. I'm glad bloomies is getting them, but I have no regrets going through Marcus. The shipping was quick and communication was great.  I took Marcus' recommendation and went with my normal size. I take a 9uk/10us in almost everything and am on the wider side of a US D width. I don't have...
 You guys did pretty exquisite work on these. They fit me better than any loafer I've tried, and they were a hit at the party I went to last night! Eventually, I want to get my hands on a pair of those black on black Byrons that you posted on your IG the other day 
 Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you're asking if they're custom? If so, the answer is no. He currently has them stocked.
   Thanks guys! I emailed Marcus Malmborg of marcusmalmborg.com and he was kind enough to mail me a pair. Not for free, of course It was a real pleasure doing business with him, and I couldn't recommend him more highly.
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