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 I really do regret not picking those up while they were available in my size. Here's my contribution that I posted in the Eidos thread. I've got a pair of chukkas on the way and am looking to steadily expand my collection. 
  It really does show :) And I'm sure I'll be taking you up on that offer sooner than later.  Haha. No worries, man. I know the struggle. Just wanted to make sure we were on the same page. I'm glad bloomies is getting them, but I have no regrets going through Marcus. The shipping was quick and communication was great.  I took Marcus' recommendation and went with my normal size. I take a 9uk/10us in almost everything and am on the wider side of a US D width. I don't have...
 You guys did pretty exquisite work on these. They fit me better than any loafer I've tried, and they were a hit at the party I went to last night! Eventually, I want to get my hands on a pair of those black on black Byrons that you posted on your IG the other day 
 Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you're asking if they're custom? If so, the answer is no. He currently has them stocked.
   Thanks guys! I emailed Marcus Malmborg of marcusmalmborg.com and he was kind enough to mail me a pair. Not for free, of course It was a real pleasure doing business with him, and I couldn't recommend him more highly.
New favorite loafers. Just in time for St. Patty's Day.      
 Would you say that the toe box on these is more or less generous than the toe box on Carmin's Rain last? I'm thinking of snagging a pair of chukkas, and just want to make sure they're gonna fit my toes. I have a pair of suede jodhpurs on the Rain that started out somewhat snug, but broke in really well after about a week and now fit me really comfortably.
For sale is a BNWT Eidos Napoli Peacoat made of their awesome Shantung like cotton. I really love the hand on this jacket, but I got hit by the lifting bug when I got it, and I'm now too big to wear it . Hopefully, it can find a loving home with someone who it fits.   This was an exclusive, limited edition (as is most Eidos stuff) model for Gentry and is no longer available.    The jacket is a size 50.   Measurements are below:   Chest: 22" Length: 27.5" Shoulder:...
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