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 I couldn't agree more 
 If you want them, I'd say go ahead and just pull the trigger from Christian. Shipping is super fast to the US and, although I don't wish to jinx myself, I've been fortunate enough to not have to pay import taxes on all three of the shipments I've had delivered so far.
@NickPollica I saw that you posted this jacket with the MP3 drop, but I didn't see it online with all the other items they put up.  Are they still getting this in? Thanks!  
[[SPOILER]]  Killing the game as usual, Gerry . I've only had my Apertures for about a week and I'm already pretty much living in them. You have your eye on anything in particular from the new collection? I'm thinking another pair of Apertures and probably a pair of Byrons  will have to join the ranks for me.
 So I should clarify that my advice is for the loafers. And that's based on the fact that they WILL stretch. I have a pair of apertures as well that I took TTS and they fit perfectly. I have a slightly wider than average forefoot (measures about 4" across at the widest point) and a moderately high arch.
 I'd recommend a half size down.
 Had to do it. These Cumulus really are stunning; not to mention, suuuuper comfortable :) Christian really knocked it out of the park with these.   
Genlteman, they have arrived   
 Yeah, I've been speaking with Christian about getting my hands on some. I can't wait!   I honestly didn't realize how big a deal this was until I did a little more research. The rep I spoke with at Harrold's told me I needed to book a trip to Australia because Christian would be visiting the store to introduce the line. She almost tempted me, but my first trip to Australia is definitely going to find me in Rod Laver Arena cheering on Novak Djokovic and Gael Monfils ;) In...
Man, I love those. The plan was to get all four but, at this point, I'd be happy with the red one. 
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