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Lining color makes no difference to me. I could go with purple or Bordeaux. As for toe taps, they're not a necessity for me but I suppose it would be best to figure out what the up charge is before making a decision one way or another. Let's take this discussion to PMs though so we don't spam the thread.
Anyone interested in doing a re-run of these?  
 I suppose it comes down to how you like to wear your shoes and also how wide your feet are. I'm on the wider side of an American D width (my forefoot is a hair over 4" across) and I have a higher than usual instep, so true to size was the way to go for me with the sneakers. I'm actually wearing them now, and if I cram my feet all the way to the front of the toe box, I still can't fit my finger into the back of the heel. And this is wearing fairly thin cotton socks. If I...
 Np. I've ordered from Gentry before and they're great guys to deal with. I believe they only have the grey colorway though so if you want the ones posted above, you'll have to grab them from Bloomies or place an order from Marcus Malmborg in Sweden (another excellent guy to work with). I don't know of any other stockists who have the tan ones. 
 I have the navy ones from the first collection and they fit me true to size. I take a 43 in these and I'm the equivalent of a 9uk/10us in most shoes with the usual exceptions (9.5 Alden Barrie last, 9.5UK EG 888 last, etc.). They're, hands down, the most comfortable sneakers I've ever worn.
 I couldn't agree more 
 If you want them, I'd say go ahead and just pull the trigger from Christian. Shipping is super fast to the US and, although I don't wish to jinx myself, I've been fortunate enough to not have to pay import taxes on all three of the shipments I've had delivered so far.
@NickPollica I saw that you posted this jacket with the MP3 drop, but I didn't see it online with all the other items they put up.  Are they still getting this in? Thanks!  
[[SPOILER]]  Killing the game as usual, Gerry . I've only had my Apertures for about a week and I'm already pretty much living in them. You have your eye on anything in particular from the new collection? I'm thinking another pair of Apertures and probably a pair of Byrons  will have to join the ranks for me.
 So I should clarify that my advice is for the loafers. And that's based on the fact that they WILL stretch. I have a pair of apertures as well that I took TTS and they fit perfectly. I have a slightly wider than average forefoot (measures about 4" across at the widest point) and a moderately high arch.
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