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  See anything decent today?  I was thinking of heading there tomorrow.
  They are from the same family so they fit very similar.
  This happened to me as well, however they promptly rectified the situation.  I would try sending another email or calling them, their customer service dealing with me was top notch.  
Those Oxfords say made in Canada, What company actually makes them?
Have you looked at Ron Rider?
So I received my strap today and I am pretty happy with the result.  I only have a cell phone to take pics as my actual camera is packed away right now but I will let you judge.  I e-mailed Ed about making another in colour 8 and a matching belt.    
    The Longevity of a shoe is really dependent on the level of care you give them once you start getting to the level of Allen Edmonds and up.  Are you cycling your shoes? Using shoe trees? Conditioning the leather regularly? There is a lot of great info in the shoe care thread.  Welcome to the forum.   Edit: Fixed the layout of the post 
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