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Fresco jacket in the wine melange is amazing.
I'm 5'7.5" and the Clover in size III runs a little long in the body on me. Is the Thinner jacket a similar length or more cropped?
Watched "Runner Runner" a few nights ago and I'm pretty sure Justin Timberlake's character was using a Filson MTB throughout the movie. Looks like he just used his real bag in the movie:  
Any luck with an Alpaca Jacket reissue?
The alpaca jacket would be the most popular re-issue option, imo - after NMWA did the Merino, the alpaca seems to be what's nabbed the quickest through resale venues.
Thanks for the info. Since darkening is inevitable, any advice on what I could use for water proofing the boots - maybe Invulner? I'll look into the Renovateur for conditioning.
  Have been wearing these Brigs from A/W '14 for the past couple months. Not sure what leather they're made of, though this page suggests they're kangaroo.   Anyway, I've been wearing them a ton and the leather needs a little love, especially as it gets colder and wetter. I don't have much experience with this and I'd like something that preserved the color - any advice on specific products to look at? Something like Saphir leather lotion or Renovateur?
I have the 256 in black with the grey Harris Tweed. It gets a loooot of compliments, but I was thinking about getting a 257 for more space anyway.
Was thinking about selling my Sportsman's bag in otter green so I could buy a tan version - sad to see it's been discontinued. It makes for a great carry-on and has served me well in numerous weekend trips and adventures abroad. Like previously mentioned, you can pack a ton and the outer pockets hold quite a lot. I like the green color but the tan's ability to actually show stains has been enticing recently, after seeing a friend's 256 with some amazing patina. I got it...
Anyone fit a size S Italian vest with a 36" chest? Sizing on models seems inconsistent between stores.
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