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Got a couple pairs in this week. Really comfy, fit well.
Yeah, Enzo fit just doesn't for me either - I have two unworn Enzos sitting in my closet to prove it. I ended up buy Unis Gio Skinnies which are no better made than WvG pants and are pricier at retail, the top block just fits better. I haven't tried the W+H Westpoints but I imagine the Enzo construction is as good as anything on the market.
Thanks for the heads up. Fingers crossed that sizing works out.
Fresco jacket in the wine melange is amazing.
I'm 5'7.5" and the Clover in size III runs a little long in the body on me. Is the Thinner jacket a similar length or more cropped?
Watched "Runner Runner" a few nights ago and I'm pretty sure Justin Timberlake's character was using a Filson MTB throughout the movie. Looks like he just used his real bag in the movie:  
Any luck with an Alpaca Jacket reissue?
The alpaca jacket would be the most popular re-issue option, imo - after NMWA did the Merino, the alpaca seems to be what's nabbed the quickest through resale venues.
Thanks for the info. Since darkening is inevitable, any advice on what I could use for water proofing the boots - maybe Invulner? I'll look into the Renovateur for conditioning.
  Have been wearing these Brigs from A/W '14 for the past couple months. Not sure what leather they're made of, though this page suggests they're kangaroo.   Anyway, I've been wearing them a ton and the leather needs a little love, especially as it gets colder and wetter. I don't have much experience with this and I'd like something that preserved the color - any advice on specific products to look at? Something like Saphir leather lotion or Renovateur?
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