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Do you have a lookbook / compilation of all your product shots? I've seen some scattered photos from your shoots that make me want to buy all the things, but haven't found a central location to scroll through all the pics!
Can anyone help ID this sweater model from A/W '13? I'm trying to look for some stock photos without much success.     My best guess is the Pupal sweater based on the design but can't find it in this colorway.
Is this the Rock coat?     If so, this may hurt my bank account...
 This jacket is great. Do they have a lookbook posted anywhere? Can't find these images on the website.
Missed the restock. If anyone gets the tapered pants in 29 and they don't fit, holler. Maybe I'll hit up Suddenlee like the old days.
The wool blended jackets and pants are the same fabric. You'll have to tailor the pants to match the slimness of the jacket, but otherwise they match.
Mauro, hit me up with that refund so I can give it straight back to you for the skivvies! Have been looking for a higher end alternative to Uniqlo, these look like the shit.   If you're a medium, please go to the sale section and buy all of the newly added shirts.
Dennis Reynolds wears Uniqlo.  
What brochure? Mind scanning any pics?
For anyone with the EO TO TO henley, how much did it shrink (if at all) with washing?
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