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I'm a ~35" chest / XS in Uniqlo tops - last fall's pocket sweater in XS fits really well in the sleeves but tight in the body. Size S is sorta slouchy in S through the body but a little baggy in the sleeves. I wish I could combine the sleeves of XS with the body of S, but I'll keep the latter since that's a much more comfortable fit.
I don't... since I bought it haha.
Like you said, the navy jacket is the only color that's 53% wool; the others are 78% and thus match up perfectly with the pants. The navy color is numbered #69 with both items, so I think they'll probably match fine. I have the suit in grey. The jacket fits pretty perfectly for $99, but the pants not having a slim fit is sort of stupid. My tailor is slimming them down right now, and for the overall price, it was worth taking a shot.
Black/black versus navy/black for the daypack... decisions, decisions.
Kopped.   Looking to buy pocket sweaters (XS or S), shawl cardigans (XS or S), or lightweight pocket sweaters (S) - the F/W versions made out of baby alpaca. Willing to pay more for newer/unused items, just message me with what you think is appropriate.
Sale section off the website, bookmarked links are just displaying as out of stock - lesson learned on delaying purchases, haha.   Got to check out some of this season's stuff in person at Need Supply. Ocean print is pretty cool.
Is the waist of the lounge pants stretchy at all? About to put in an order.
Just missed out on the knit/outerwear code. Damn.   Anyone know if the flannel unstructured blazer from the fall is still out there in 36? My chest size is 35.5" so I'm thinking the webstore's 38 is probably a tad too big for me.
I have the regular (non-undershirt) versions of both, but the premium cottons were from last season and supima cotton from this season. The premium cotton is thicker and has more structure, the supima cotton is lighter, softer, and drapes better. Weather differences aside, if you're looking for a trim/cropped look, I'd roll with the premium cotton. Supima if you want a looser fit.
I wanted to buy the lounge pants 2.0, but they dropped after I left the country. I'm traveling through Southeast Asia with pretty sporadic/terrible internet access (wouldn't be surprised if this post doesn't go through) right now, but hopefully a pair of 30 or 31 sticks around until I get solid enough internet to kop.
New Posts  All Forums: