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 It's not relevant to the chinos, but should we be sizing the jeans to have some eventual stretch in the waist / top block? Or just as is?
Should these be viewable on the site? I'm trying to kop today but can't find them anywhere.
Anyone who received the indigos mind posting a picture? Want to see some additional pics of the color before pulling the trigger when they're put back up on the website.
How different in color are the indigo chinos from the old navy chinos?
+1. I'm pretty short so I'll nab the indigos as they're the only color available in 32" inseam, but a nice high quality picture of the color would be great.
The layering here made me shed a tear. I'd buy it all.
Price drop. To clarify some PMs I've gotten - photos make the pants seem more navy than black.
Price drop. Steal at this price.
Hey Mauro, are there two versions of the chinos or did the inseam options get narrowed from 32/34/36 to 36" alone?   Also, I emailed you last week about an incomplete order, but I was stupid and had taken 5 weeks to get back to you to begin with. The order is #5616. Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: