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Mauro, hit me up with that refund so I can give it straight back to you for the skivvies! Have been looking for a higher end alternative to Uniqlo, these look like the shit.   If you're a medium, please go to the sale section and buy all of the newly added shirts.
Dennis Reynolds wears Uniqlo.  
What brochure? Mind scanning any pics?
For anyone with the EO TO TO henley, how much did it shrink (if at all) with washing?
Kent, ever thought about making your ties in a shorter length? At 5'7.5", my navy grenadine is just too long (although I like it a lot). Maybe a 53" version to add to the 57" / and 62" options?
I might hit you up around that time as well - I've misplaced my tote and grocery shopping just hasn't been the same.
Bump. This is such a good deal, 65% off retail...
I need one of those suede hats like yesterday. The navy is great.
New Posts  All Forums: