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Price drop. To clarify some PMs I've gotten - photos make the pants seem more navy than black.
Price drop. Steal at this price.
Hey Mauro, are there two versions of the chinos or did the inseam options get narrowed from 32/34/36 to 36" alone?   Also, I emailed you last week about an incomplete order, but I was stupid and had taken 5 weeks to get back to you to begin with. The order is #5616. Thanks.
Photos added.
From Ervell's S/S '14 sample sale. Black, 100% cotton, made in New York. More information per the website listing:   Extension tab at waist with hook and loop closure for a minimal and refined look. Tailored for a close fit, slim but not tight through the thigh and tapered below the knee. Button closure with zip fly. Constructed with up to 2" to let out or taken in in the seat or waistband to allow for easy tailoring.   Waist: 15.5" Rise: 11.25" Inseam: 32.25" Hem:...
Excellent construction, great materials, a very clean look overall. Severisth bought these from Japan with very minimal wear, and didn't wear them (I haven't either).   Selling for $234 $195 or best offer through PayPal. This covers shipping anywhere in the US, so international buyers would pay more for shipping/customs hassles. Final sale. If you're in Virginia, we could potentially arrange a local pickup to save you some money.
Best shot of the Rock coat I've seen so far: 
Someone please buy the XS moleskin hooded jacket on Grail'd so I don't. The hooded jackets are really hard to find in size III.   I'd buy it but I just bought the Clover, I'm uncertain on the moleskin, and I love the design of the double Alpaca version. The contrasting colors of the inner lining and trimming were just perfect. If NMWA brought it back in a similar deal to the Merino, I feel like their taste and a new colorway would be crazy. /dreaming  
Nah, the striped ones are cut looser but still slim overall. I love the tapered fit but really like the other fit as well.
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