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Has Suspension Point contacted anyone about their spring pre-orders?
Brave Star black selvedge has some stretch and multiple cuts for you to choose from.
An minimally used moss field coat from F/W '13 hit $77 on Grailed so I took a chance on it. It came in today. Wow, it's impressive. All the details just seem so substantial - wool lining, impressive zipper and buttons, really comfortable outer material (almost like moleskin). The zip away hood can make the collar a little bulky for my liking so I'll probably rock it with it unzipped but that's my only complaint.   It reminded me that I need to get around to selling the...
  Quote:  Quote:Thanks for the help. I did a lot of searching and basically came to that same conclusion - half seem to go down 1 size, half go down 0.5. I gambled on a size 7 on the Notre suede version and think I made the right choice. The length of the boot is a good bit longer than my Brigadier's and at my height (5'7.5") I think 7.5s would have looked a little too big. In terms of actual fit, the length is spot on. The toebox is a little claustrophobic in that there's...
Just to confirm - 8D in Brannock/Allen Edmonds 5 last, 8 in Visvim Brigadiers; I'd be a 7 in the 2030 last?
What are the dimensions of the Schneider Home scarf and Venus stole? Haven't had any luck via Google.
Anyone else get the vibe that the brand is 1-2 years from shutting down? Every season has less and less available on the online webstore, fewer stores carrying it, etc. I'm all for him branching out and trying new things, but the items that seemed most popular previously (unstructured jackets, alpaca cardigans, suede caps) are no longer available and nothing seems to have replaced them.
How does the length of the Hello cardigan compare to the X8 cardigan from the Scrabble collection, if you're able to compare?
The cardigan in the light colorway is amazing. Also dig the silk fabric for the suit.
Got a couple pairs in this week. Really comfy, fit well.
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