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Anyone fit a size S Italian vest with a 36" chest? Sizing on models seems inconsistent between stores.
Hopefully Mauro gets cleaned out and can start completely fresh with the new ordering process.   Mauro, for MTO shirts, can the sleeve width be adjusted? Are club collars an option?
I only have a club collar shirt by Ervell but I'd say that's pretty accurate - the neck is just a tad on the bigger side but the waist is so narrow. I don't think sizing up would help. With the demise of Baron Wells, I'm out of luck for club collars. Anyone have the navy wool field coat from A/W '13? I was looking at some field coat pictures and that one seems to be a clear winner relative to his normal styles.
Looking for raws in a skinny fit similar to the Uniqlo skinny tapereds. Unbranded's tight fit and APC PNS seem to have the fit I'd want, any recommendations for similar fits from brands with more interesting fabrics?
My order came in from the sale. Tie and pocket square are a great value right now. The Big Bubbas are unlike anything I've previously worn, but I'm glad I took a shot at the price.   New thermals/crew necks look sweet. Probably will go with navy.
Had to restrain myself from impulse-kopping that. Would love to see more pictures of the black/navy transition, looks amazing.
Interested in a pair of used dark brown Brigadier's from A/W 2014 but the heel paneling is apparently a light blue floral pattern - I thought all the dark brown models had pink detailing and only the tan suede got the light blue?
So glad someone took a chance on the beige windowpane makeup - the preorder pictures looked so nice.
This is maybe a silly question, but I'm in need of some new swimwear and was curious how the design differences of the Lightning Bolt trunks and board shorts end up mattering - is it just personal preference for mesh lining vs unlined, fly or none, etc? Is the lining on the swim trunks throughout the entire shorts or does it stop at the thighs?
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