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So glad someone took a chance on the beige windowpane makeup - the preorder pictures looked so nice.
Can we still get club collars via MTO?
This is maybe a silly question, but I'm in need of some new swimwear and was curious how the design differences of the Lightning Bolt trunks and board shorts end up mattering - is it just personal preference for mesh lining vs unlined, fly or none, etc? Is the lining on the swim trunks throughout the entire shorts or does it stop at the thighs?
@Notre buy is amazing. I'm visiting Chicago in a couple weekends, will have to come buy to check it out!
I don't remember what answer I put for referrals but I may have picked the "won't do it" option - it's not that I don't want to, but none of my friends pay for 'pricier' clothes than what you'd get in a mall. J Crew on sale is the most expensive they'd go - referring them would go nowhere.
X8 cardigan (Cruvoir has a pic) from the Suspension Point pre-orders came in yesterday. So soft. I'm excited to see what NMWA, SP, etc have picked up for the season.
Bought the Enzo in charcoal and indigo when they were released in retail. Nicest fabric I've ever felt on chinos. Unfortunately, the fit of the top block is too tight for me and the tailors in my town said there's nothing they could do about it. Sucks. If anyone wants a pair of 31x32s (both sold out on the website), hit me up and I'll give you dibs before I post them on in B&S. I've had the charcoal hemmed ~2" but the fabric's still there to let out; the indigo ones are...
+J suits are a pretty sharp cut for the price, imo. Like mine better than my Tasmanian wool, as far as cheaper suits go.
I think redundancy but consistency in explaining the style monikers would help. Like on the shirts pages, maybe a banner that lists before dinner / after dinner / monkey arms. On the pants page, a banner that briefly discusses those fits. I think writing "before dinner slim fit" is also a way to explain it. Getting my chinos hemmed today. So soft and comfy.
 It's not relevant to the chinos, but should we be sizing the jeans to have some eventual stretch in the waist / top block? Or just as is?
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