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Do you mean, compared to your other oxford shirts?
Woah, thanks. About to order a few of those.  
Oh, I'm not talking about how the split selvage reflects the quality. It's just that the split selvage didn't appeal to me.Like you said, it's an aesthetic choice.  
I love the new fabrics,but I feel uneasy about the split selvage. I'm confused on the usage of the split selvage. Is it just because of the different size of the fabric?
How are the cardigans? I remember reading that the the cotton wears fast.
Does that mean you're going to release shoes in the near future?  
Cardigans are on sale for $20? This one?
Order before 3PM i believe
Bought these off eBay and they don't fit me. I'm looking for a size 9. Also willing to part for $62(+4% paypal) shipped. FIRM Condition: 9/10 Lots of life left. Crepe sole is somewhat dirty. It looks like it was worn maybe 3 times.
Ok, thanks for the help. Ima put these up for trade/sell.
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