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Lightly worn 9/10 Includes Martexin Original Wax. $115 + shipping
lol theres always a ryan gosling thread every week.
Epaulet British Khaki Twill Rivet Chinos 31 $55 Shipped Bought from another user on here. Worn many times, but still a lot of life left. 7/10   Epaulet Gunmetal Canvas Rivet Chinos 31 $85 Shipped These were bought on here as well, but I didn't wear them at all. Previous user said he wore them once. Hemmed to 31". 9/10
lol, are you mr. porter?
what is with SF these days???
I have feeling that most people will size the same. The shirt/sweater is just going to fit better lol.
Superga 2750 sole is not that chunky. I mean, it's pretty similar to Vans. I do find that Tretorn are more comfortable that Superga. Some people can't get over the "gull" design though. I prefer the Superga 1705 which is currently only sold internationally. Ebay stores sell them for about $90 shipped. There's also Erik Schedin and Svensson.Do you have a certain budget?  
I was going to buy this from you, but I decided against it.
I bought a pair of ST-100x awhile back and realized that the fit isn't just right for me. I left for winter break and I came back to find a 3sixteen rivet on my floor. I checked and realized that my right pocket rivet popped out. Is this just my pair or is this normal? I had APC's in the past and none of those rivets popped out.
Just got these from BlueOwl, hemmed to 32.4". Worn for 3-4 hours. Realized I can't fit into denim this slim anymore. Would like to trade for a 31 in ST-100x or a 30 in SL-100x. But mostly looking for ST-100x. Image is from BlueOwl.
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