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thanks Zamb, just emailed you this morning for an afternoon appointment. hopefully i can receive your email in time. hit me back when you are free T
hey Zam, are you guys opened today? or anytime this week. in nyc this week, so want to see some nice jacket in person
hk would be cheaper. they have outlets and stuff. foods are very nice. if you spend your time to go thru stuff, things can get quite cheap (esp Julius). japan however is another world... i dont think you can find another place in this entire world that has more fashion & delicious japanese foods
poeple should add the size....nothing more heartbreaking than finding their grail and find out its not their size! and save people time to wait for the website to load.
That to me is kind of sad. Ruby has always been my most favorite line out of RRL (Denim&Supply being second). I would fly to Tokyo to buy a few pieces every seasons. I love their cuts and their attention to details. Being an asian, i have no feelings for their other lines. They are considering to open a RRL shop in Hong Kong (bad move because their cut is very large and boxy for our tastes). to be fair I have no feelings for other RRL line except for some limited...
i live in Hong Kong...its true that Ruby here is for Japan market.  My source told me that Japan has its own sourcing/ design team and their stocks are always different than anyhwere else in the world.  oh by the way, Ruby line will soon be stopped.  RRL has decided to stop selling them soon.
dear god pls give us something nice! hoefully they wil have better loafers next year! preferably we can see more colorway than black or white
dont recall seeing s coated black denim in my local store..can you show us some pics?
did anybody see the FW stuff yet? thought it was out this week. my local store are still selling the SS stuff.
maybe because i was wearing the dior homme denim at that time (die hard fans here) DH denim has alot of cool details (selvege, hidden buttons etc). SLP denim just look to me at that time as average jeans but with a good brand.
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