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Lot's of good buzz over their SS '14 show a few days ago. A few pieces from their Fall collection have started to hit the shelves; so far looks like a pretty solid offering. Side Note: does anyone know who's making their suits/jackets? Southwick? Ciccarelli? Greenfield?   More pics @ O&
Billy Reid  
Billy Reid has a coat with coyote fur collar: Here.
The "dress" shirts are actually pretty decent quality two-ply and right now they're like $50+30% off in store. If you're looking for basic shirts and pants that fit pretty well off the rack J. Crew is not too bad at all.
  That Horween strap is probably 90% of the price...
I'm sure you'd be fine wearing almost anything I was just trying to suggest some things that you can wear long-term instead of just putting together a club outfit. As far as shirts go: here's a few options Sid Mashburn J. Crew Ralph Lauren
Personally I don't consider a blazer with a tshirt "dressed up" and depending on where you're going in Tokyo you may or may not be dress code appropriate. If you've already got a well fitting navy blazer try to find an equally well fitting white spread collar shirt that you can wear without a tie. Depending on how the khakis you have fit, you may want to forgo them for dark blue denim lest you look a little too stuffy in khakis and a navy blazer in da club.   I think you...
I've already floated this question to them with little luck, they are very particular on the fitting process which I absolutely respect. Fortunately they are hoping to expand on a RTW line soon so maybe jackets/trousers will become available online...
I am the 1%
Have you tried the Stanton shorts?
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