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In an act of spontaneous spending I pulled the trigger on a pair of the grey LB with the extra 20% off sale. Trouble is I am kind of having a bit of regret. I currently already own one pair of LB and enjoy them immensely. Can anyone post some more pics of the grey LB in an effort to help convince me I did not make a mistake? Thanks much!
Apologize for asking this again, but can someone post the shoe bank email address? Really need to get on that mailing list...... Thanks in advance.
Very very nice and I'm insanely jealous. Thanks for sharing!
Is the Long Branch in grey a discontinued model or can the still be had? Can anyone post some close up pics?
Is there anywhere this could be purchased with width options? I would rock the hell out of that shoe!
Sporting the Long Branch on a visit to the book store today. Winter took a small break and rain cleared away all the salt, so I couldn't resist giving them another wear. Switched to some blue laces, just for kicks and giggles.
Thanks so much for that link!
Ok, you fine AE enthusiasts, I hope someone can point me in the right direction. For Christmas I received my first AEs, a pair of Long Branch and a pair of Aberdeen. My question is, now what? I have never owned anything like a pair of shoes this nice so polishing, etc. will be completely new. I want to make sure I take good care of them, I'm just not sure how. I learned enough here to buy some cedar shoe trees but that is about it. When I search around here and on...
Yes, I got the brown Long Branch for $99. I didn't even know they had a gray option. I might have made that purchase today too had I known and they had stock. I'm sorry they didn't have your size. Mine are 10 EEE. Had no idea the Aberdeen's were on sale for $99 too. These were marked $149, I think. I'm not going to complain though since it seems like I got a screaming deal regardless.
Jeffersonville, Ohio Yeah, I thought It was a heck of a deal. I bought the above mentioned shoes, a box of replacement laces, two additional pair of laces, a bottle of leather lotion (I think that is what it was called), and a cedar shoe tree for $310.
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