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I'd like to buy ~10 dress shirts, two suits, and two pairs of shoes from BB.  When do they have sales?
No one knows how they work.
Yeah, I heard about the magnets...I'll just carry it upright : p.   Question, though: Is this bag supposed to be worn on one shoulder or across my chest?
I bought Kenneth Cole's "Risky Business" bag for $80 from ebags.   Do you approve?
Yep, that was my plan.  After my 2:15 class I'm going to the Macy's in downtown Brooklyn (it's supposedly a dirty store with unfriendly employees but the only one in walking distance) to see what they have.
Thanks for the life advice.  "IDK" if this is "TMI," but I've spent every summer since sophomore year in high school either interning at a lawyer's office or with a NYS Appellate Court judge.  I've met literally hundreds of people in the legal field and, as an articulate young white man with a good education and from a good family, I can find a job - but again, from what I've seen, there's more cash (and prestige) in it for me if I strike out on my own so that's what I'm...
I don't see any way in which my investment policy is flawed; I'm going to be making bank once I graduate.  $1000 now is a lot to me.  But $1000 in ten years will be what I make in two hours.  It's efficient for me to borrow and spend money on wants now.     That said, the bag posted immediately above is $300; it's out of my price range.  I'm not willing to spend more for a brand name bag, I'd just like a nicely put together one, whoever made it.
1. With the income I'll have once I graduate, 30k of debt (federally subsidized so there's no interest) is so insignificant as to be able to be discounted. 2. Ok. 3. It's. 4. False.    
Thanks for the advice.  The bookstore is such a ripoff it's not even funny...I only buy and sell textbooks online; the books either end up costing me nothing or earning me money because I buy them as soon as I find out what books I need so it's before the rest of the students rush to get them and the price rockets, then I sell my books from the previous semester when the prices are at their peak.   I'll look around a bit more, but I must say, I like that bag.  I...
I'm afraid that if I bought a used bag off of eBay it would come with a prominent scratch or some other defect.  Besides, it could be one normal shoulder-sling away from tearing asunder when I buy it - who's to know?   Right now, the most I ever need to carry is one (thick) textbook, a mostly empty folder, and my laptop.  If I ever needed to carry two textbooks and my laptop I guess I could rock my Jansport book bag.  That was one of the biggest problems I was having...
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