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THat ebay ma+ is unlined just as an fyi. Not sure how anyone with reasonably sized arms can get their arms through unlined leather on that.
Just go to the l'eclaireur stores (theres liek 5 or 6 of them, you can pick which ones based on area and brands you like) and le bon marche. The other big department stores are mainly asian tourist stuff. Also, VAT refund was pretty easy to get for me earlier this year. Most stores will just withhold the vat and give you a form that you scan at the airport at a machine.
TBS code works on rick (at least on the rickdidas when i tried).
If the design's going to be based off a base model, is it possible to slim down the sleeves, raise the armholes, and put more body taper in the jacket?
        quick cell shots of ma+ in buffalo. ~2 months.
   Did you start off with an existing design/model they had or are you able to come up with any crazy design you want with them?
Yeah own 3 boots, 1 sneakers.
  Fits about 1 size larger than your brannock size (so size down).
Some pics of my new bag made by Shane Trudell, a bag maker out of Canada.   Link to my review thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/382654/review-and-pics-of-wraparound-briefcase-from-shane-trudell        
Recently, I had a wraparound briefcase made by Shane Trudell. Shane works out of Toronto, mainly doing customized work for his clients. He was able to show me some examples of his work before commissioning his work. The bag was 100% made to my specifications, which Shane helped guide with suggestions and multiple options along the way.   Here were the final specs that I requested:   - London tan double gusset wraparound briefcase with strap - Curved handle - Round...
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