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I work in retail, non fashion but a related sector. This is not true at all when you consider the cost as a percentage of sales and ability for a NAP to predict their return rate due to scale. It's hard for smaller guys bc that variability is higher and lack of agreements.
Check singolaire. There's a 25% code floating around or at least a 10% off for first time buyers.
Why not get the larger ones and take in the waist. A lot simpler to do for alterations.
LUC pants? How would you make them bigger? I doubt that they're like a pair of dress pants with extra material in the waist band to let loose.   Use code "BLACK30" at the checkout to get your exclusive -30% on FW14 clothing collection.
Who copped the sz 50 RO black high neck intarsia on yoox for 600?
Thought I'd share my DIY shoe dye job on a pair of MA+ derbies I got for dirt cheap on yoox. Color just didn't work for me.   Forgot to take before pics, but the yoox pics are pretty accurate in terms of color. IRL they're clearly brown both in outdoor and indoor lighting, reversed leather (I think horse).   End result came out as:       Tried to get it in as much sunlight as possible but the color is black with faint undertones of brown if you look really...
Yes about 15-20%.
Got this RO stooges from yoox, was posted in the good deal/finds thread awhile back so thought I might pass it on to someone here before I returned it into the yoox cesspool. Also would rather just get my money back vs. getting yoox credit as well.   Size 48, fits like a RO size 48, which means it's good for a 46. I wear a 50 in RO normally and gave it a shot but it's too small.   It's reverse calf leather, really thick. It is made in moldova but don't see any quality...
As usual KKA ruins a basic and simple leather jacket with that ugly hem on the bottom. Haven't seen that one in person yet but all the other leathers with that same hem are very noticeable in person and ugly. It is about 1700 bucks thoguh on the KKA website, may have to proxy it though.
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