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As usual KKA ruins a basic and simple leather jacket with that ugly hem on the bottom. Haven't seen that one in person yet but all the other leathers with that same hem are very noticeable in person and ugly. It is about 1700 bucks thoguh on the KKA website, may have to proxy it though.
Inaisce most comfy for me. Raised heel actually helps, supports arch better.   WJK is the worst, instep way too low.
Zam Barrett Spring Summer 2014 end of Season sale. 60% off on all remaining stock We are now coming to the end of a great Season! Zfactorie is pleased to announce that we are now doing our final markdowns and beginning today July 9th. there is 60% off on all stock in the web store! We thank everyone for their continued support and we hope you continue to enjoy the beautiful weather and the rest of the summer!     And in true Zam fashion - no code given, no...
Part yes/no question, share experiences...   Anyone into leather pants here can share if they're comfy enough to wear or if they're even practical?   Thinking of soehting like the ma+ or incarnation versions. Getting kind of bored of dressing in same ole slim gray pants, black boots, tshirt type of outfit i guess.  
I think about $1600-1700 after VAT refund. 10% first order code when you sign up.
muchas gracias señor moo
Not sure, never seen them in a brick and mortar store. Was probably going to order from somewhere like zappos but I figured I wouldnt be able to return if I opened the packaging. Anyone in Bay Area know a store that has them?
Sizing rec needed for superfeet   Wear a sz 40 in Augusta - would you guys go with the 5.5-7 or the 7.5-9 size with the black insoles? I'm normally a 7.5 in dress shoes/brannock.
Seriously one of the best stooges fits I've seen here.   The measurements look pretty consistent w/ other stooges.   Garley - what's your normal size in RO and other brands?
Go w/ the 50. RO's stretches out about .5-1 inch int he chest for me. I think it would look sloppy unzipped if you went up a size as well.
New Posts  All Forums: